Thursday, December 27, 2007

Blessed Christmas and a Happy Super Chunted New Year!!!

sorry i've been MIA.
i've been having heaps of fun in notts with my sayang :) hehe.
i'm here to report that the weather has been utterly predictable!- dark, grey and WET! hehe, eith exception of today because today it was SUNNY! omg, i jumped out of bed at the sight of sun, woke poon up vigorously and yelled "THERE'S SUN!" then he too, jumped out of bed and we both walked out into the empty town of Beeston. hehehe :)

it is, afterall, Boxing Day.
nobody in this country functions on this day.
the busses aren't in service so we didn't make the boxing day sales :(
i is utterly saddennings :(

but tmrw!

LOTSSSSS to tell. but chances are, i can't tell all. cos too lazy. and too much. but i am having lots of fun. it will definitely break my heart to leave lil' ol' Nottingham back to dingy old Enfield :( not to mention i'll miss poon lots lots lots all over again :( boohoo.

but as for now :) it's been great.
sorry guys, i haven't been taking photos. not much. it's too grey and all.
but i'll post wtv i've got on multiply or... something. hm! :)

missing home lots in this season. missing the church buzz during christmas. hopefully it was good for all you friends at home :) it was good for me here :)

so blessed (belated) christmas
and a happy super chunted new year to you all!


Eugene said...

Ahhhhh.. woke Poon up....... Was it a notty xmas eve / eve's eve ..? .... Muahhahahahahhah ;) ;) jeng jeng jengg.....

Eugene said...

Oh whoops... Wrong msg.... *ahem* ..




buahahahahhahahahahahaahahahhha :P

Schmae said...

Merry Christmas Keshia!:D

jiameei said...

Have a lovely New Year's :)

kayjen said...

ello keshia, merry christmas to you too :D

keShia* said...

eugene: HO HO HO merry christmas to you too (wish your public hickey from ahem* too!) hehahaha :D

shengmae, jia meei, kayjen: same to ya'll my dears! :D i had a good christmas :) happy new year to you 3! <3