Wednesday, January 02, 2008


yea. so i guess it's appropriate to at least reflect on the past year right..?

on the 31st of Dec 2006, i remember being in front of +-500 people telling them that the year 2007 will be an exciting year. for both adults and youth respectively. i believed that for myself, and really it has been an exciting ride.

so many ups and downs. brokenness, healing, victory, failures and serendipities. many firsts, and many strange feelings. i remember just recapping what happened in the last year, and this was briefly it:

jan: KDU gig
i was really excited for this one! and it went really well. the KDU bunch was SUCH a difficult crowd omg -_- we sang "I don't wanna be" and "When I see you smile". i was proud of myself cos i actually got the crowd to participate. the funniest thing was watching this dude go air guitar on the whole crowd! a true "wtf" moment. ahha

feb: cny, valentines day, hair deal
kathy came back! :D and finally the 3 cousins were united! :) hee hee.
valentines day i sent a package to UK :) my first ever package sending mission and it worked pretty well! hehe noob la aku ni. the post office also hairan cos i kept going and coming back hahah...
yea and i also chopped off 9 inches of my hair O_O yeah, something to do with renewal of mind, but what the heck :) it's growing out now hehe

march: camp committee
i was approached to be the camp commandant for last year's IMPACT camp. but since i wasn't sure if i was going to be in the country i didn't say yes to it although i would've loved to! :) ganas did a great job anyway :) glad to see the fruits of her labour flourish

april: easter event
this one was quite a shocker. i never expected it to go as well as it did. ONLY God could have pulled it off and He really did. also, thanks to the stellar cast i had it was great working with them and slumber-partying in JW's house and watching BenjaminShane struggle to eat his soggy maggi mee cos of his wisdom tooth thingy hahaha
but the birth of the idea was spectacular. nobody will know the impact it had. they wouldn't believe it anyway.

may: daddy's bday!
i treated daddy to his bday dinner. well, the whole family. i used up all the money i had for a jap buffet in KL :) i'm really glad he enjoyed it, and this marked my first "buy my family dinner" thing. it was a big thing for me :) daddy was 49 <3
oh and i also wore a brand new top!

june: poon came home! church drama and genting
oh it was gorgeous! although he lost so much weight and all i could see was his hair and the bones on his cheek, going out with him again and holding his hand after 9 months of separation made it all worth it :)
the church people started talking about me and how my dressing was inappropriate for church. funny how they like to pick on people like that. i personally don't think i had that problem and neither did my father.. so it doesn't really affect me that much in THAT dept. what was pissing off was tht they had to send someone else to do the talking to me. pffbt
i drove up to genting for the first time on my own with 3 other passengers with me! :D nyahaha. good experience! it was really fun too. too bad i was cold most of the time but the others seemed to have a blast! :) minus some events blah blah blah, everything else was good :D hee hee

july: shane and kenming go byebye :( and visa nonsense
i felt one small part of me went to aus too :(
my visa got rejected and i thought i wasn't able to go to the UK :( so i prayed really hard with all the best hopes in the world. july was a very trying month for me.

aug: my bday, 1st anniversary, visa ok!

it was a real nice quiet celebration this year with dinner and other very jealously guarded memories :) i turned 20. didn't feel all that different. i mean, just felt older and a whole load of responsibilities weighing me down or something. metaphorically of course.
finally my visa was accepted after appealing and phoooooooh! :)

sept: leaving :(
it was the hardest for me to leave. i didn't think it would affect me that much and people thought it would be easy on me, but really it wasn't. to leave all my familiarities behind for something totally new and strange was something i didn't plan to do. i knew it was going to happen and it was for the better, but it still hurt to say goodbye (for a while)

oct: settling in and poon's bday

settling into UK was tough. the stupid weather and the winds! erghhh! and and the things i had to do to retrieve my stuff. ughhhhhh. getting used to living alone, settling in with flatmates and cooking formyself every meal. learning how to budget and buy my own groceries (no more mommy to pay for all the junk i eat at home), oh and realising that banks are really nasty people. especially the ROYAL BANK OF SCOTLAND.
secret lah cannot tell. HO HO HO.

nov: assignments
so much work, so so so so so so so so sooo much work. had to get used to the workload and the DEPTH of each coursework that we handed in. also realised what lazy bums people can really be! sigh sigh sigh.

dec: exams and cmas

finally after the prep and primping for all that i had to pour out on 4 sheets of paper, it was all good :) christmas and NYE was alright as well :) quiet, but alright :) a gorgeous self-made dinner and a fairly odd NYE, but NYE was never a big deal for me anyway hehe...


every year there's a theme for me.
for 2008, it's going to be guidance. because sincerely, i have no idea where i'm headed, where i'm going or where it's all going to take me. and i'm REALLY lookin up to the skies for guidance cos He's the only one that's going to be reliable enough to store all my hopes and dreams in.

i'm sure everyone's learnt a few things in the past year. now... we'll just see what 2008 will bring us! :D and the fella who's bday is on the 8th of august, WAH SO AUSPICIOUS OH! :D

happy new year, guys :)
i wish you ALL the best and all the LOVE in the world :)


daniel said...

happy new year :D

keShia* said...

happy new year <3

Wenzz said...

Yaay you're back to blogging regularly! Heh. Happy New Year! :)

keShia* said...

wen ni: hee hee yes i am :) now that i'm not so occupied and have total access to a computer :) happy new year to you too!