Friday, January 11, 2008


Okay it may be the time talking as it's 2 am now.
2 am's not very late.

alot of things run through my mind.
i refuse to give in to the slanderous thoughts i have about the state i'm in. i refuse to cave in and admit defeat. i refuse to let this so called dream crumble just yet. i refuse to believe that i am what i have become. i refuse, i refuse, i refuse.

because i am confident that when i'm done, i can say that i've rough and toughed it out in uni and i have a better, more enriched life to tell about to my children. i am confident that i will come up to be a better person at the end of the day. i will know that i have worked hard for what i will earn and i will know that i did it on my own. not with daddy's oversupplied source of monetary means, but with my ability to work with what i have right here and right now.

i admit. university. here. alone. me. it is difficult. especially from where i hail. and although i may be whinging about the status quo, i am going to accept that it is understandable because the higher i fall from, the thump will hurt more.


i will carry on! :-)



daniel said...

work hard k! you can do it :D

Wenzz said...

Uni is hard! But although we whine and complain and wish we were anywhere but here, at the end when we graduate I think we'll actually miss our uni days.

Good luck! :D *hugs*

Schmae said...

gambate o' ms kan! :D

happy new year and so sorry for the delayed reply. -_-

keShia* said...

thanks, ya'll :)