Tuesday, January 15, 2008


nothing to update lah.
so i put a big picture of my pimple-infested face k?

eh actually. i didn't dare.
later my readership go down..
so i photoshopped half the pimples away :(

can anyone tell me if raw avocados can be used for facial?
before i eat it as my dinner tonight? *click
hm. chances are, by the time i get response, i would've eaten dinner already (heh).

i'll leave half... for JUST in case you kind people bother to tell me ha :)



Schmae said...

cucumbers and tomatoes better.

cheaper somemore. :p

haha, don't listen to me lah. crapping only. (2.05am)

Jia Meei said...

No idea :(

shawn said...

i'll just eat those avocados! IMO lol

Wenzz said...

Eat the avocadoes! With lotsa ice-cream. Then you'll feel happy, your body will secrete feel good hormones and your skin will clear up! Hahahahaha me is genius. :P

keShia* said...

shengmae: cucumbers i've heard of, but TOMATOES! hahahaha!

jiameei: me neither :\

shawn: in the end, i did haha :D

wen ni: i don't have ice cream :( but i ate all the avocado anyway... but.. hehe will post about it tonight or something! :D

Jon Ming said...

oiiii why got no cbox...
okayla no cbox still can comment.
so have to click this old one.

met the dk obatterista through another friend shaz. hehe photographer gang gang.

how have you been, dear keshia?

keShia* said...

jomi: cos i don't like! cbox made my old blog look so.. cluttered. and it also had some seriously whacked out ppl who started talking shit. so... if they have enough time and balls.. they'll just leave a comment loh :D

yeah.. dk was from my highschool hehe.. your shooting spree looked really fun! nice pics too! but your editing vs his.. yours nicer hehe :D

and i am okay mr loh jonming :D how have you been keeping?