Wednesday, February 20, 2008


... out of my nose! :S

totally my fault cos i've been eating toast all the time (when yr bread is fridged, you're gonna have to toast it to eat it whaaaaaaaaaaaat)... and also boiling a very heaty chinese herbal soup :S and also eating digestive biscuits which are ALSO heaty :S and not to mention my dinner on monday was a whole personal pan pizza..
sure la nose bleed (i think).

anybody have home remedies for heatiness?
don't tell me cucumber ah. takkan i ONLY eat cucumber meh!

sigh :(
ice cream? :D



daniel said...

you eating mcvities again?

drink smoothies :)
or hor yan hor!
drink lotsa water and please sleep more! and normally


Schmae said...


rest properly! more zzz frm now on. drink h20. haha i'm just repeating what daniel said. :p

but you can try drinking more leung cha?

jmeei said...


Loads and loads of it *sayangs

keShia* said...

daniel: YEAH! only 59p :S and then got yoghurt topping summmmmoreeeeee :D' yummmmmmmmmmm

yea sleeping times messed up d :(

shengmae: yea i'll try! thankew <3

jiameei: yea yea trying! lips auto dry if not wet with water :S