Friday, May 23, 2008

Cheeky & Movie Review: What Happens in Vegas.

He wanted to put that...... picture up as my header!
Never die before issit. Lucky he's only allowed to POST things up, and not edit my layout.
Later suddenly my whole page become liupu liupu everything.


By the way, Tesco doesn't sell the frozen vege I want anymore, I think! Everytime I go, I am disappointed! Time and time again!


I need to do laundry. I really do.
All this takes money, tsk!


I'm moving out, I can't wait, I really can't wait. This prison cell has held me hostage for long enough! Will show you pics of the new place I'm bunking in from the 16 or 17th of June onwards :) It's the prettiest little space anyone can ask for :) Thank God for providing!

Now for the packing, I am doomed. Seriously, and surely going to be very frazzled. I came with 30kg, and now they are only allowing me to take home 20 kg! How can! Hopefully can fit everything la... Dahlah people bought some stuff already. How to fit souvenirs?! (*excuses, ahem*)


I made porridge. Yesterday it was yucky. Really yucky! But today, somehow.. It was nicer. I added salt. I'm such a bimbo. How does one forget to put salt in porridge?? No wonder it tasted really weird lah! aih bodoh.


I watched "What Happens in Vegas"!

Plot: Predictable
Actors: Suited :)
Cinematography: Average
Editing: Good!
Songs chosen: Apt... kinda.
Overall: 3.5 stars!

Yeah halfway through the movie I reaaaaaaaaaaaally had to pee. I held it in like.. since the movie started?? Funny enough, I didn't feel the urge AT all until I started to drink water... Hold in until damn pain can!? Celaka. I missed like maybe a few minutes, but aih since the plot was so predictable I don't think I missed much also lah :\
But the movie was really funny :) It really was!

OMG Cameron Diaz is so old now! How old is she ah? Not that old right? But why does she look like she's had 3 kids and have had 15 botox injections already! O_O Undoubtedly, though, her body is TIGHT. Tight as in, fat kid wearing swimsuit kinda tight. SUPER SUPER FIT ok. One scene she did a jump kick, I was like woah. But her face! Noooooo :( I keep thinking of her as Kimmy in the show "My Best Friend's Wedding". Now look at her! O_O


What now?

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