Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Eating Habits

Let me give you a breakdown of what I just had for dinner:

Scotch Egg (Britain's greatest gift to mankind)
2 Gourmet Sausages
A Portion of Vegetables
Roasted Wedges

I have just consumed 3 meals in ONE seating.
Thanks, thanks.. I'm very talented.

I think there are side effects to eating only ONE meal a day right *worried face*? But my body's been so well adjusted to just one meal a day that if I ate 2 meals (smaller than the ONE meal, of course), I feel bloated and like going to mati like that! >:-(

PS: I have the best boyfriend in the world! woohoo.
All the best for your finals sayang! you can do it! /huak!

Somebody needs to ship a load of Asians to this country and open up a damn 1U here ok. There's nothing to do in this forsaken country. There's even a 6-month winter, what is this! I need the sun. Oh, Mr Sun, how I need youuuuuuuuu.........

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