Wednesday, May 14, 2008



everybody, meet freedom. freedom, meet everybody :)
freedom is mine and how i love him. he is sweet and he is LOVE.
he will never be yours (not till another few years or weeks or semesters) until we break up :)

freedom is mine and how i love him.

ps: i have also just finished sitting for my LAST ever exams (almost)!
envy meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee........
get jealous!
seriously. you need to

HAHAHA, i'm such a bitch.
k la, i'm happy la. sibeh happy it's all over.
but not without it's dips and lows.

off to central in the afternoon :)
yay a reason to put make up. woot woot

ps: don't pop my bubble. i will block you on my msn >(


zhiling said...

have fun! :D

Schmae said...

Yay! Have fun babe. :) Mwah~*

-jiaen- said...


Have lots of fun Keshia! Enjoy yourself! :D

keShia* said...

thank you girls :)
you all have fun toooo! :D