Wednesday, May 21, 2008


slash ho ho ho is my keyword for an evil looking laugh by a small cute kitty.

i'm back addicted to photoshop and this is my latest doodlebag!
so so so? i like that little monkey/alien thing holding the ice cream.
does it scream keshia enough?

why am i so narcissistic.
ok nvm, i made up for it. i made melissa a header too.
hee :)
why am i so free?
oh yea, no more exam, /HOHOHO

headers for sale, headers for sale.
if you pay me, i'll make a header for you
very cheap very cheap only 5 pounds.
but if i like you and think you are cute then i won't charge, haha.

cheh i talk like i'm so good at it like that. hmph.
only people like me and melissa will think it's nice.. bwahahah

ok clearly i am high
it's 4.30am now and i'm still up, waiting for my hair to dry.
doooo doo doo
MOVIE TMRW!! i want popcorn... yum

btw i ate a 9 inch pizza ALL BY MYSELF for dinner tonight.

oh look, the sun's up!



Kay Jen said...

cute header :P i was cracking my head trying to figure out what that monkey/alien thing was, but then i read you saying it was a 'monkey/alien thing' so now i don't feel so stupid because apparently you yourself know nothing more than it's a monkey/alien thing :)

9 inch isn't that big whaaat..pfft :D but i applaud you anyhow

kuching said...

Cantik!! I likes.

-jiaen- said...

Cute header I like!! Eh what movie are you watching tmr? Indiana Jones?! Ahhhh, I so can't wait to watch that!! Enjoy babe! =)

keShia* said...

kayjen: haha! yeah it actually looked more like a monkey but i erased the nose off. so now it looks like cross between monkey and alien :)

eh 9 inch amat besar tau! one day la you try and eat it all alone. you sure feel super bad one :(

chingyee: hee hee thanks :)

jiaen: thank you! :) oh i watched what happens in vegas! i saw the trailer for indiana jones :\ ngieh. wasn't too excited about it... but it's one of those legendary films that you just GOTTA watch.

oh boy, Harrisson Ford is really old :S

Mel O said...
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Mel O said...

Hahaha. So you like me and you think I'm cute? *blush*

Eh, it's really nice what! I told you your header is nice =) A lot of people are like us also hehehe

mingzi said...

I guess you like me and you think i'm cute also eh? hehehhe....later daniel jealous...

A lot of people think it's nice kay..not just you and mel...

keShia* said...

mel and ming zi: hee hee! ya la you are BOTH my darlings what :) sure think you are cute la hee hee :)

and thankew thankew
now both of you got new headers wheee :D

Wenzz said...

Haha can I have a header too pwease? :P

keShia* said...

wen ni: msn me :)