Saturday, May 17, 2008


what is a zomg, anyway?!
i keep seeing everyone use it, and it's like.. you know... so cool. haha
it's like saying ZOW my gawd or something.
how does that make sense?

but anyway...


i know it's damn late, seeing that the movie came out in freaking 2004, and everybody else was emo about it about 4 years before me T.T

but i am very laggy not only in movie senses, that i only watched this zomg show yesterday. this show is the source of my depression, seriously! it's not just one aspect of the show but just... SO MANY!

i'd like to share, but people will only think i'm stupid, and saying it out made ME think that i sound stupid T.T i kid you not, but this show was so sad, so touching, so incredible, so... so... so... zomg.

it's not about how good looking they were (ryan gosling is the sexy beast every man should have inside of him), but it's the great and UNDYING love they shared as 2 people who carefree-ly met when they were but 17 years old. the faithfulness of Noah to Allie was heartbreaking and inspirational BOTH at the same time. i know it's just a movie, but it struck chords la!

who on this earth would write a letter everyday for a year despite the unresponsiveness of it all? who on this earth would build a house in memory of a lover and only (ONLY) because he wanted a part of her to be kept alive in his heart? who on earth will love and love and love his wife even after 4/5 kids and until they are so ripe in age? who on this earth would keep by his wife's side EVEN THOUGH she doesn't remember him due to a degenerative disease called dementiaaaaaa (damn susah ok to handle somebody like that)?
who on this earth will hold that hope that she only MIGHT come to senses after reading to her what she wrote just for him to hold her and dance with her T.T..... EVERYDAYYYY!

the love they shared was incredible ok. nobody ON THIS EARTH can ever emulate, let alone come CLOSE to what they shared
(stop tellin me it's just a movie, you twits!!!!)

and as i was reflecting while watching the movie that NOBODY would be able to love another person THAT much (i also can't love another person as much as noah did his wife, allie), i realised that only God can love us that much, and noah's heartbreak was as of like Jesus' when we turn away from Him..

i know religion has nth to do with this show, but it was one of MY revelations, let me revel in ittttt T.T

ya and then after i realised that, i bawled summore cos that was the part where allie snapped out of her normalcy and reverted back to "why did i just call you darling". it was then and there that i saw noah's heart break and shatter into a million pieces because he spends all this... TIME (not that he has alot) trying to bring her back just to tell her he loves her. zomg. T^T

and finally at the last part of the movie (shuttup, i WILL spoil it for you because i believe i am the last person born in 1987 to NOT have watched the show (except someboddayyyy, i'll make it up to you but if you crack a krispe kreme joke you watch out ah!!) , when allie DID come back she asked whether their love was strong, ZOMG she can still ask that, of course it's strong! noah loves her like no other... and in the end, their love was SO strong that they both just let go of life and went on. he said, "i'll be seeing you"... which was their song!!! T.T

zomg. i have depression now. hand me the tissue! just thinking about the movie makes me sad already why like that
T.T this show is the saddest most inspirational, most heartbreaking and heart wrenching at the same time!!!!!!!!! how can it be that nothing like this happens in real life (obviously it was dramatised), and that although it was based on a true story and novel (by nicholas sparks), how can it be that some people can go through life without finding their ONE source of eternal love (be it a spouse or family or friends or God)????

zomg zomg, i'm depressed.
someone please tell me that there's REALLY love like that in the world
someone please tell me that old people DO love each other and are still crazy for each other like that, even after donkey years of marriage, because that's what i
really really want.
someone please tell me that the love that's shared between man and wife is so pure that it really can bring them through this harsh and useless life.
someone please tell me that love like that exists :(

sigghhhh, save me from this :(


debbeh woo! said...

ZOMG keshia!
you are SO LAGGING!
notebook was out like agesssss ago okay!you're depression is far lacking behind the age we live in.hehe :D

let me make you even more depressed, maybe it'll help :)

in the age the movie was made ONLY letters existed no was alot harder to communicate and meet at that handphones k!it took alot more effort to see each other, keep in contact, etc etc.thus, more romantic.
nowadays got all this techy stuff you can use to keep in contact with your loved one.

my point is, technology has somewhat ripped of us of the depth and meaning of true love, it has given us so much convenience, it has made love convenient as well.
SAD hor?
dont worry, poon got shoulders you can cry on :) hehee

daniel said...

hahah! i thought debbie said "poon got shoulders to carr you"

i was like "err ..."

hahahahaha! it's just a movie lah aiyoh. it's the same tone as you use when you say "it's just liverpool"

kuching said...

I didn't read the end of your post cause I never watched it. LOL. Since you say until liddat, sounds like I should... You better not be posting the spoiler in the comment box! LoL.

keShia* said...

debbie: YALAAAAAAAA T.T "i wrote you three hundred and sixty five letters! i wrote to you everyday for a year!" zomgzomgzomg T.T

daniel: omgla, it's NOT just about the movie T.T it's totally zomg ok. and i where got say it's only liupu -_- hmph you simply say. i don't even like football all that much so i dont care i only want to think about how zomg the notebook is T.T

chingyee: hahah you absolutely MUST MUST MUST! you WILL cry so get a box of tissues ok... unless your heart is made of stone T.T which i doubt. hehehe

kuching said...

Maybe? LoL! When are you going Notts?

keShia* said...

chingyee: what maybe haha... going on the 28th! why? wanna come go shopping too? :)