Thursday, June 19, 2008

Cambridge Trip Pt 1

I have SOOOOOO many pictures from that day trip, it's almost unnecessary, but I had a really fun time with Sayang :) We each paid 12.50 for a bus ride there and back.

Anyway, I spent LOTS of time just contrasting the pictures and framing them up, so here's just part 1 first :)

Greeted by a weeping willow tree :)

This is what Cambridge is famous for: punting. It was recommended, but we were mistaken with it's price and so we forwent the ride, but had we known it was a reasonable price, would have definitely gone with it! If I'm not mistaken, it's 10 pounds per boat, and if you want to have a "punter" (the guy in the vest rowing for you), then it's 14 pounds per person... I think?

I guess having a "punter" is more useful. Otherwise you'd end up being like one these few girls bumping into almost every part of the river the whole way. So as you can imagine, they sounded like squealing hippos! Hehehe! Why hippos? That's how squealing Brits sound like, hahaha!

Bumbling birds.

People envying? Hahaha... Pot calling the kettle black, huh...

I have an upclose shot at the door, but all it says is just "Closed to Visitors"... IF you were wondering hehe. Most of the universities were closed to visitors at that point in time as examinations were on going.. Ah well :)

Most buildings in Cambridge look like this. Bricked, cemented, browned, or greyed. IF you're lucky, you get spots of greens from the moss!

Pic 1: From the outside
Pic 2: From the semi-inside
Pic 3: The courtyard.
*Imagine yourself walking into the first pic*

Strawberry festival! Total coincidence! It was really "meriah" (hahahah omg malay word I haven't used in aaaaaaaaages!), and there was a parade and people were just decked out in silly and pretty costumes, and laymen were just so candid! They walked and joined the festivities :)

Fresh produce.
I suppose "b y a r d" meant backyard. There were paintings in that shop that were really, and I mean REALLY well done. It looked like a photo la actually, because the lines that were painted were so incredibly straight! and everything was like.. PERFECT! Well, almost. Awesome possum stuff :D !! Further down... The yellow shop? ARK! Wah, they're stuff are really really nice :) All the little trinklets that are handmade... things we don't usually think about, but their creative team OBVIOUSLY do. Lotsa butterfly things (drapes, decoratives, etc etc), so extra brownie points for them from meee :) Oh and they sell baby things too. *swoooon*

Outside "b y a r d". This old lady was busking with a classical guitar. Something we don't see very often :)

After that we went to the St Mary's Cathedral. There was a tower in the cathedral that offered tourist a full 360 degree view of Cambridge, and so I was quite excited to climb up there to take pics. Alas, as most cathedrals are, they charged a good 2 pound 50 for it. Wasn't up to forking up money for it so just snapped a few pictures here and there and went off. It didn't even feel like a cathedral in there... In a sense that people were hustling and bustling. There wasn't a sense of regal-ness, if you know what I mean, hmm..


Small cathedral lah. Then we walked into a souvenir shop... I was contemplating on getting smth from there to bring home BUT... nothing great and "Cambridgy" enough. Also, abit off la, since I didn't study there and stuff... like so poser only, hehehe.. It's not like I was there on a full fledged holiday either...!

But I spotted something really funny, hee hee
Keeping your member warm :)

Ok lah, part 2 soon.
At this rate.. It'll be a good 10-part post about the ONE-DAY trip to Cambridge!



PEtriNa said...

You take really nice pictures!

Normal digicam ah? Or special SLR stuff?

keShia* said...

thanks! :) yea normal digicam! i am WAIIIIITING to get an SLR, but i don't think it'll be anytime soon hehe :)