Friday, June 20, 2008

Cambridge Trip Pt 2

Okay here's part 2 :)

Geddit geddit?? :D

I think that the English were the ones who came up with the whole "take the time to stop and smell the roses". There are rose bushes almost anywhere and everywhere! Some that look like the roses we know, and some don't look like roses at all! But they all look like rosebuds!
omg, IRC days hahaa @-}--

A very cool sundial :) But WHYYYYYYYY would they need one -_- there is no sunlight most MOST MOST if not ALL through out the whole year. Nevertheless, it probably doesn't work, hmmm.

Big tree surrounding the museum! BIGBIG TREE!

Door's texture :)
And also the door to the most boring exhibit everrrrrrr *yawn*



Very boring displays. Seriously.

Stones, fossils, sand, yawn, boring, shells, minerals.

What is this also I dunno. Some book on display.

Crystals... There were loads. These were the prettier ones, hmm.


Then it got EXTREMELY boring and we went out to the Zoology museum to see used-to-be-live things, hoping to dear happiness that it would be more interesting!

On the way in.
Why does he always frown.

Guess what date and time it was??
It was the 7th freaking of June at 1.30pm!

So we just hung around the area peeking into the glass windows seeing what's inside the museum, and it looked quite interesting lor :( I mean, almost anything can beat an exhibition of rocks right? :S

Since it was closed we went back to the main street and sat around in front of King's College to take pictures and pig out on ice creaaaaam :)

Queing to PAY to get in, sighhhhh

Left wing of King's College.

Ok then we got bored again, and went to eat lunch!
Part 3 lah that one!

Okay babbaii!


-MeL- said...

Eh!!! my ex-colleague works as a security guard at King's!

mindy said...

I want to study at King's College