Friday, June 06, 2008

RM 2.70!

Now that I have some time to sit down and ponder on things that have recently befallen Malaysia (because someone's sleeping, and I have not any company), I have come to terms with the fact that it is probably high time that our crude oil prices sky rocketed to the price that it is now, anyway.

South East Asia has been one of the lowest priced crude oil suppliers in the world, and I guess most of us forget that we have VERY much taken for granted the subsidised prices we've had for the past few decades already.

Sure it's crazy to have a 40% hike all at one go, and surely a whole whopping 1 ringgit increase per litre in diesel is a little uncalled for, but I guess subsidy will only get you that far. Eventually, prices will go higher, just that... the Government could have definitely done it in a more timely fashion, I will admit.

But I hope people won't go into riots for this. I just received an invite to join the group on Facebook about people who are sick of the price increase. Truth to be told, what can anybody do about the increase, you tell me? Are you going to stop driving around in your big comfy cars and start taking KLRapid and use the LRT more often? If you are then, hurrah, you'll save lots of money! But everybody knows that it's near impossible to walk your way anywhere in KL, and your car is most probably your soul mate, if not your home.

So instead of whinging on about the prices of crude oil, think of ways to minimise usage or something! Right?

This means that my family shall either change all social activities to nearer areas like Sri Damansara or Sg Buloh, or move out and shift to DJ or something. I vote for the latter! :D


Anyhoo. Was really excited about the music festival going on today but looks like it isn't going to happen. I'm just going to eat comfort foods like my scotch egg, and mope around like a sad willow. Maybe I'll even watch Harry Potter. Maybe.

Gee okay, happy Thursday.
Bless you



Schmae said...

hear hear!

its been great that the country's been subsidizing for our petrol all these while. but its about time since the international price is much higher compared to even our recently reviewed one.

am quite bitter over the fact that i was stuck in the jam for two hours half yesterday though!
>( /grr

typical malaysians. pfft.

keShia* said...

shengmae: jams damn teruk. you get NO.freaking.WHERE, and you PAY for the guzzling petrol! rawr!