Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Everyday, while walking either to or from uni, I get bizzare ideas in my head. Bizzare things like, gee, I don't know.. what to blog about la I suppose. Almost all the time, when I get this random serendipity, I will say to myself "Oh I should blog about this!"

But by the time I put my bag down and head towards the kitchen to pour a glass of water, I forget what it was I wanted so much to share with you! Why like that one! And when I get those random revelations, I get extremely excited la! Why so gai cannot remember it!!!


Anyway, here's a not very funny joke that my lecturer told us.

"How many psychologists does it take to change a lightbulb?"
"One. But the lightbulb has to want to change"


Not funny, but SO psych joke-ish lor!
Who sits around to think up of such jokes anyway!
Not funny!

And speaking of my lecturer, this new module that I'm obliged to stick to for the next 6 days is really very very boring! It's boring until I fell asleep kind of boring! I don't usually fall asleep in class (I fall asleep in English churches T_T), but this one was just... hoiyoh!

The lecturer hor, hehehehehehe... He's buff la. But unknown to most people, he was probably a very skrawny little man. How, do you ask, I know? Because my friends, it all lies in the bone structure! ANYBODY can pump iron and eat supplements and be buff! But you can tell from the head and neck if they were really buff material or not!!!!

I'm damn smart can.

Anyway, he's damn bangga of his body one la, and you know it! You can just see it! He struts, not strides, he sticks his chest out more than normal guys (proud of his 2 big square packs la)!!!! Funny la, and ah, he's not bad looking one you know(other than the fact that his ears stick out a little), just that he doesn't smile and has the most boringest tone of voice in the world!


6 more days of this and I'll be done! DONE!!!!!!!!!
But until then, I have alot of work to do, but I is laze :(

Okay la enough of my nonsense.
I should start on my assignments!!!!! blah.



Kay Jen said...

i actually laughed out loud at that psychologist joke x)

keShia* said...

haahah eeeeeeeee! but not funny!!
maybe it was the way he told it hmmm