Monday, July 07, 2008

I Don't Cook Raviollis Too Good

... yah, ahhuh.

yea, you know... seeing how i'm not so smart, i just go to places like Cambridge and Oxford to soak/bask in other people's smartness, just HOPING that it will rub off on me, bwahaha..

yea ok, i'm assaited (excited)!

ok i hope the money from paypal has transferred, else i'd be living a vagabond's life once again, sigh.

by the way! i used to be quite worried when my readership drops. i don't know why, seeing i didn't not succumb into being a "nuffy". but now... with only a mere smth smth readers, i can't care less! it means i don't have to filter as much :)

feels good...


daniel said...

haha! ppl are 'blogging' nowadays for attention and it's beginning to lose its purpose. No more thoughts or wise words. Just heavily photoshopped pictures and trying to make money.

You keep doing what you like to do. Cos in the end, that's all that matters.

sarahtan┬║¤° said...

keshia! oxford's beautiful too! did you go to Bicester Village where branded stuffs are marked down? hehe. looking at UK pictures makes me miss them. Have fun girlie! =)


keShia* said...

daniel: omg blog wars, tell me about it -______-; "one damn big sweat come out from my forehead ah!"

hee hee!

yes i will :) all for... fun! :D

sarah: OH YES IT IS! T_T i have yet to upload photos up to my lappie, and people are harassing me already (because i take aaaaaaages to upload photos)!

did you have fun there? wait... did you GO there? :D

sarahtan┬║¤° said...

yes yes!went to oxford. went round the town by car. then, stopped by at Bicester Village for some shopping. teehee. go to Bath too, if you haven't been. It's the most beautiful place i've ever seen. =)

i looovvee the countryside so yes i enjoyed.

btw, you've done with your degree already? coming back for good?


keShia* said...

AHHH, nice la right? :) and wah by car! so nifty! :)

awh yea bath. my parents are pestering me to go visit, but will see how la :) my mom graduated there hehe...

yeah i'm almost done and i'm coming home soon! but no, not for good :)