Thursday, July 17, 2008

For Your Use..

Answer the following questions in your own time. This exercise is designed to help you understand your own "frame of reference". By knowing yourself, it will better help you to understand/know others. There are no right or wrong answers.

  1. Name- How important is it to you?
  2. Gender- Are you satisfied with being who you are?
  3. Body- Are you satisfied with your physical appearance?
  4. Abilities- What are you particularly good at?
  5. Mind- Do you feel okay about your intellectual ability?
  6. Age- Are you comfortable with the age you are at now?
  7. Birth- How do you feel where you were born
  8. Culture(s)- Where were you brought up? If you have been moving between different cultures, how has that influenced you?
  9. People- Who influenced you most when you were growing up?
  10. Mother- What is your opinion of your mother?
  11. Father- What is your opinion of your father? If you have no parents, how has that influenced you?
  12. Siblings- What is your opinion of your brothers/sisters? If you have non, how has that influenced you?
  13. Education- What influence did your education have? What would you like to have achieved but did not?
  14. Employment- List the various jobs you have had, the people you remember associated with those jobs, and the overall influence of the work and the associated people.
  15. Spouse/Partner- If you are married or in a long term relationship, how has your spouse/partner influenced you?
  16. Children- How have your children influenced you? If you wanted to have children and were unable to have them, how has that influenced you?
  17. Single- If you are not married or have no partner, what influence does that have?
  18. Preferences- How do you sexual preferences influence you?
  19. Values- What values do you have and what influence do they exert? Have you taken them over from other people without thinking about them?
  20. Beliefs- What are your fundamental beliefs? How did you acquire them?
  21. Religion- If you are religious, what influene does that exert? If you have no religion, how does that influence you?
  22. Experiences- What life experiences are significant for you and why?
  23. Health- How have any illnesses or accidents influenced you?
  24. Memories- What memories do you treasure, and what do you try hard to forget?
  25. Relationships- What relationships in the past are you glad that you had, and what relationships do you wish you never had?
  26. Circumstances- What life circumstances, past or present, do you welcome and which you regret?
  27. Authority- Who represents authority for you, in the past, and now?
  28. Strength- What are your major strengths and how might these influence your interactions with other people?
  29. Weaknesses- What are you major weaknesses and how might these influence your interactions with other people?
  30. Virtues- What do you consider to be your virtues? How do they influence your behaviour?
  31. Vices- Do you have any vices? If you do, how do they influence your relationships?



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