Thursday, December 25, 2008

Nature Boy.

It's Christmas.
And I am alerted that my email's inbox has a new email.
It is filled with posts of a molester.

It's Christmas.
And the only message I got on my phone was from a person I don't care for.
It is a message that was sent with no meaning.

It's Christmas.
And I sit here alone, wondering if there's really anything to be upset about.
It is time to turn in.

It's Christmas.
Nobody cries during Christmas.
At least, nobody should.

Where are you tonight?
Did you hear the call?
Or are you still alone...
Waiting for a call.
Do not be afraid, we bring you good news
It's still not too late, the Saviour's here for you.

The Christ,
Your Messiah
Oh, Hallelujah!

God is with us.

Blessed Christmas.

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