Sunday, December 07, 2008

Wedding Rings

Many people are getting married in the next 2 years!
I already know of 4! Personally, that is. Extended circles not counted.

It's good to know that some people still believe in the institution of marriage. I was talking to a friend today and were at the topic of rings, and how diamonds are just.. not worth the risk of wearing out in broad daylight (especially where I live). So man-made diamonds are the way to go! But if I had lots of guts at the time I will be married, I'd want to tattoo my freaking ring on my finger like Chester Bennington.

I admire him, by the way. He tattooed his wedding ring on his finger (though I'm not sure if he's still married or not, but I have a strong feeling he still is), and that takes a lot of guts! Especially when he's got all this rockstar fame ala Aerosmith, and lives in, you know, Hollywood.

Since wedding bands are to symbolise eternity and the commitment both parties have made, I don't see why tattooing it on is any different. My parents' wedding rings were replaced TWICE. The first time, they were stolen (and by the ungrateful house tenants too! Idiots), and the second time, my dad was clumsy and so he lost it in the shower or something. So the pair they're wearing now is the third.

Got me wondering... if the very ring can be lost (to natural or man-made causes), then tattooing the ring on will be best!

So good on you, Chester Bennington!
For 2 things: For sticking to your commitment, and for being a rockstar :)

I've digressed.

So I was thinking, because now there's this brand spankin' new kind of diamond that's man made and shiny-er (OMG SHOINY) than the average diamond. Not to mention it's a whole lot cheaper too, whether a real diamond ring means more than a Moissanite one (or a lab grown gem).

Because at the end of the day, it doesn't matter WHAT ring one wears, it's who wears it, right? Right. Of course :D

But still, personally, I'd like a gold band (totally kicking it old school), with an embedded diamond. Gee I don't know, I'm fickle like that. The next minute I might just be shouting PLATINUM! I hear the pockets go ffffffffffffft*

But like all girls say,
"No rock, no talk".

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