Saturday, January 31, 2009

I'd Really Rather Be A Student...

Although I've pretty much talked myself into staying here in Msia for the time being, the thought of going back still makes my heart pump faster with excitement.

The thought (and eventual reality) of all my best friends soon leaving the country to go back to study in New Zealand and Australia really does break my heart. Home has only been bearable because of them.

When people ask me when I'm headed back to the UK, all I can say is "I don't know". Before this, I would say "March", or "June". But now when it really seems unwise to go back at all, and when I say "I don't know"; implying I'm not going back anytime soon; my own heart breaks. 

So everytime I answer "I don't know" or "Not anytime soon" to a question about when I'm going back to the UK, my heart breaks.

At least if I were a student, I'd know for sure that I'm going back for a semester of sorts for the next one year or something. There'd be no worries of anticipation.

So I'd really rather be a student.