Friday, February 06, 2009


Let me just slightly vent.

I like blog hopping.
I do so in private (sort of).
I love reading into lives of people I know...
...and those that I don't. 

Most of the time, they are people I know. 

The thing I find incongruent th most is when I know they are this one person in real life (IRL wtf), but when they blog or .. journal online (whichever tickles your fancy), they are suddenly completely different people using words that are... one kind, and trying very hard to be a good read.
In the eye of those who don't know them; hey, it's a good read. I reckon at least some of the people's blog that I read (but don't know personally) are probably the same as well. Their friends may very well feel that they are incongruent. 


It's all about balance, baby.
One man's garbage to you, may be treasure to someone else.


daniel said...

blogs are pathetic. those kind of blogs. like honestly, go out and play in the sun. get a life. pick up a hobby.

another thing i dont like is, now everyone is a "photographer". everyone is a "freelance photographer". every tom, dick and harry who thinks he/she has an slr means they will take good pictures. photographers are where they are cos of hard work, dedication and understanding of the art and science of photography. not just take close ups, turn it to B&W, play with photoshop. the rich kids take it up a notch by doing "studio" shots.

bah. i hate it that everything i like gets mainstream within 2 seconds. photography. abercrombie. superdry. boarding.

contrary to popular belief, i am a very happy person ^_^

keShia* said...

grumpy today huh