Monday, February 09, 2009


Time is passing MIND-NUMBINGLY slow.

But it's okay cos my mind's numb too.
It's the heat, I swear.

Today I decided that I was going to BEAT THE SYSTEM.
What system? The air conditioning system.
See in THIS office, air conditioning means WINTER.

AND SO, I grabbed my semi winter sweater and PUT IT ON.
Because I was confident, yes I say CONFIDENT, that I was going to be very comfortably snug in my knitted thick bright blood red sweater (only 4 pounds!), while all the other unhappy office workers were shivering their asses off in the winter-like air conditioning. I was almost beaming with pride as I left the house this morning.


But I'm obviously the aim of some practical joke today
Because not only did I not sleep the whole of yesterday night, but the management forgot to turn on the air conditioning FOR THE WHOLE FLOOR.

Apparently, Ms Secretary of COMPANY didn't inform the management of the building that it is an official working day for us here T.T And so, what was once the arctic is now a dessert.

I'm stripped down wearing a white tee now only thanks to my diligent and oh so loving daddy who drove to the office to pass me my favorite 2 pound primark top.

I'm glad to say that I've lost weight.
Because I don't look like a pig tied up with strings with unnecessary ROLLS of fat strategically placed in parts of the body where it helps to enhance the look of utter disgust.

Almost only 2 and a half hours more to go before I get to go home and have a total KO.

Wish me well for tomorrow I do not report to the office but to my father's country club (O PWAISE JESUS). At least I know there's air conditioning there T.T


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