Thursday, March 05, 2009

God is Good.

.. in MOST ways. But today, in ONE particular way.

I worked 2 jobs today. One in the day from 8.30- 5.00 for COMPANY, and from 7.00 in the evening till 10.30, I committed to another job for my previous events company. 


I didn't have much money either. In the morning, I completely forgot that I had the event at night. I had ALSO arranged a dinner with my 2 girls, and FORGOT about that too. I am a failed friend, as well as a failed part time worker T_T

I have been so... tired.

Focusing on the new job is taking a big toll on me. I barely have time to breathe! When I do, I'm watching American Ido.l! 

I'm an idiot box-er.

Dear Mel and Ming Zi,
Sorry :( I'll make it up to you. With the money I will get for the event I will chia you both ok? So last minute ffk lagi T_T

To be honest.
I don't know what I'm doing. All too often I will think to myself, "what am I doing here?". I don't know if that's considered as "keeping check" on yourself, but I don't think that's too right. My boss has noticed my defeatedness in spirit. Today he sat me down to tell me that it's okay. And that what I'm going through is normal. Tough.

Then why does he still ask me about the MAGNITUDE of my deficit! T_T T_T T_T

I'm so stressed.
It's showing on my face. 2 GINORMOUS asteroids has landed on my temples and they @#$%ing hurt!

Gee, I sound like a windbag.
Hello. This is my mouth fart.

Be well! 


I totally forgot to include my POINT!

Okay, so the point was. I had 2 jobs today and didn't have much money in my purse. I took 60 bucks with me and spent 40 on petrol. Left me with 20. I ate lunch for 4 bucks, and was left with 16. I took the highway home and toll cost me 2 bucks. And I was left with 14.

14 was also the EXACT amount needed for the parking fee I had to pay for tonight's event.
Had I had any less, I wouldn't have been able to get out.

Also, thank God for giving me good alertness to get out of the darn CITY through the correct routes, that I may be able to avoid any more toll. Because I was down to ZERO! ZERO! ZERO!


end edit.


Mel O said...

It's okay love. You don't have to feel bad about it. You're an awesome friend, I can assure you that! We shall arrange another time to meet up alright!? *hugs*

mingzi said...

oh dahling, it's ok it's ok...
we can still meet up other time...
i sayang you so much right...tak sampai hati i marah you, hehhe...