Sunday, March 29, 2009

Mini Gameboy

I've turned my cell phone into a mini Gameboy!

It's awesome. I've downloaded enough games to keep me occupied from Penang to Johor! Right now I've got Tetris, Pocket Chef, SimsMe, Carnival games, and some other few lame SE games.


It's awesome and I love it!
The sims on my phone is kinda cute. Nothing like the one I am obsessed with on my portable, but fun nonetheless! It's almost like playing my brother's old Gameboy's (way back when) POKEMON! Instead of catching pokemons, I have to go treasure hunting for stuff around the area, catch other things like junk or fishes, solve clues, and explore jungles! SO FUN!

None of those killing blood spilling action.

I like my games sissy and colourful.
OH you won't belieeeeve it when I say colourful I reall mean



debbeh woo! said...

haha! so you've resorted to sissy colourful games to keep you occupied eh?
tetris is good! :D

we could share an apartment next time when i get back okay? im sure i'll crave to live alone too. hehe


keShia* said...

awesome idea.
should think about that! :)