Monday, March 23, 2009


When I was a kid, I really liked the colour blue. Because that was the Sports Team Colour I was in way back in primary school. But the boy I had a crush on was in the Green team. So I kinda liked green too. But still blue more than green.

Then when I got to highschool, my taste in colour TOTALLY CHANGED. I hated earthy colours like green, brown, red and mustard yellow, and ADORED (adored would be an understatement) the colour purple. It was a CRAZY obsession. So much so that EVERYTHING and anything purple would instantly catch my eye, and I will be (un)willingly drawn to it, and eventually buy that purple thing, or something else that was purple for compensation.

I even liked yam ice cream because it was purple.

When I moved to the new house back in 2003, I told my dad I wanted a room with the theme PURPLE. He warned me against it first because he said I would most probably change my taste in colour, but at that time, I retorted "Nothing will ever change my love for purple. It's the BESTEST colour in the world, how can I ever not like purple anymore???"

So he gave in and said ok.

I had purple drapes. My windows were BIG and huge so purple drapes made the whole room look very purple and dreamy. I even asked for a purple feature wall (THAT is another story because the purple wall turned out DISASTEROUS).

I had a purple pillow, with a purple soap dish, purple bedroom slippers, and other purple ornaments to adorn shelves and space.

I soon learned that as I grew older, my taste in many things changed. I didn't like purple AS MUCH as I did anymore, as my father had told me. I started to go into weird phases with colours. I'd really love white, or I'd really love red.

So at any ONE point in my adolescent life, my wadrobe will be splashed with the "colour of the moment".


My point is,
right now, it's blue.

I like it so much that I bought a dress in the colour, and also a preppy cardigan in that colour too. It's not going to stop soon. I'm going to go get bags and shoes in that colour. Not to mention earrings to match it all..

"Nothing will ever change my love for blue. It's the BESTEST colour in the world, how can I ever not like blue anymore???"

I foresee a "yellow" phase soon.

My life in technicolour.

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