Monday, June 08, 2009

I won't tell you that I love you kiss or hug you cos i'm bluffin with my muffin

... I promise this, promise this.

mum mum mum mah.


The thing about writing so secretly is that when you revisit those thoughts again in 2 years, they hardly mean anything. Not because they weren't real, but mainly because it doesn't make sense anymore. Like a floppy disc inserted into a dvd blu-ray player or something.


I was an angry kid. Angry for most parts of my life and I think I thrived better that way. Not so much emotionaly, but definitely physically and mentally.
How else would I have been who I am today?

I've always had a sick feeling that I'm not destined to be happy. Like it's my fate to be unhappy or in some kind of misery forever. But most recently, I've been having EVEN WEIRDER gut feelings, like I'm about to be a victim of an accident or something.

Yah, choi! But I've even thought of revoking the company's "Lifestyle Benefits" to the "Unlimited Medical" because I was scared that I would come into an accident or smth

Yah choi!

Still. I feel a missing limb or something. Phantom pain, man.


I want to move out.
Not to another house hohoho


-_- !#@@#%#$!@#$**&%

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