Saturday, November 14, 2009


... I'm saving all my love, in a letter. Sealed with a kiss.

Yesterday night, D found the letter I wrote to him in February this year. I meant to send it after I wrote it, but never got around to do it, so it was just left on my shelf for the past 9 months. Since it was addressed to him, I supposed he was more than eager to open up to read it.

Although so.
He asked me to read it.

Going through line by line. From greeting, to update, to content, to goodbyes, it really hit me hard that it's finally over. The waiting, the longing and the wondering is over. After three years of patience and perseverance (not without times of drought, desperation and despair), it is finally over.

As I read each word out loud to him, my lips quivered and I was choking gently on my words. I didn't know why, and I swallowed hard to keep back whatever might have wanted to come out.

And upon reading the last line, "Sayang selalu"; I burst into tears and turned to lie on his shoulder to weep. Not because I was sad or angry or hurt, but because oh my God, it's over. Because I'm so happy that it's over, and that he's here for me to be happy about.

After a month and a half of having him around, I think the novelty has worn off and now I realise that I'm actually really happy he's around.

I'm REALLY happy he's around :)


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