Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Jason and ShinEe's Wedding 12.12.2009

On the 12th of December this year, my close friend Jason got himself permanently attached to his fiance of one year, Shin Ee.

I've been to my fair share of weddings, but only as a guest-- so this time, being able to have the pleasure of being the wedding coordinator (along with Leon-- he handled the rough men, I handle the ladies and flowers and hotel staff because I'm fierce like that), it was quite a good experience! :)

Bright and early at 1pm to check on the guestlist and perfect the finishing touches for the ceremony a.k.a. flowers and carpets and chairs :) Also to tie up really weird loose ends like putting signs and making sure the toilets were barricaded :S

The carpet was lined beautifully with little white pebbles, alternated with rose petals. The theme for the ceremony was roses, I suppose? Everything there was rosy and deep red and pretty and twinkly :)

These glimmered all night long and was VERY pretty! :)

After having a delay of 45 minutes (Malaysian timing is FAIL omg)

Maid of Honour- Tho Li Ming who walked beautifully down the isle to warm the carpet for the bride herself :) She was very worried about "wobbling" but everybody saw NO such thing

Daddy and daughter arm in arm

After the very sweet ceremony was over, everyone was in a picture-taking frenzy. I suppose when you're all dressed up and lingering in a nice venue with nothing to do, there is only ONE thing TO do, right? :D

D and Datin Susu :D

Jason got Leon to arrange for a photobooth with props (feather boas, chalkboards, umbrellas, toy guns etc) for the guests to go crazy with and this was the only shot I manage to take with my camera (in fact! this picture not I take wan :))

At 6.45 pm, I took one last peek into the ballroom to get it ready and ushered (more like marah marah) everyone to go inside so that we can start on time.

Ballroom setup

This wedding was really different cos for one, I had a walkie talkie glued to my hand the whole night! Along with a cue sheet and timeline as I was the time keeper and cue-captain.

with said walkie talkie and cue sheet in hand :)

So every other 5-10 minutes I would be up and running to one table or another cuing either the father of the bride/groom, the brothers and the emcees, or the performer, or the hotel staff to:

Keshia: "OK UNCLE! It's your turn to go up there in about 5 minutes to give speech ok!"
Father of Groom" "Ha! so fast ah!"
Keshia: "Yala, uncle, sorry to rush you, but CANNOT BE LATE!"
Jason: "Ok dad, maybe you can have *this piece*, *this piece* and *eat finish your this piece* then you go up there ok? :)"


Hotel staff: "OK OK OK! Tuang air! Tuang air! Tuang air!"
(tuang air means "pour water"-- this was to set off the "smoke effect" from the dried ice for the entry dish)

like this


Keshia: "I'm going to pull this tighter ok?"
ShinEe: "Okay!"
*pull pull pull, tie knot*
*walk around, jump jump a bit*
Keshia: *faint*


For two,
I didn't get to eat :(
OMG no food T_T

Okay la I'm lying, this piggy sure eat hehehe :)
Little bit here and there but it was good enough!
Cos the fish was yummy, the chicken smelt good (didn't get to eat), and the asparagus was not bad too!

BTW! Food at the Grand Dorsett Subang is quite good! :) Usually food at wedding dinners in expensive hotels are crap! Even swanky hotels like Shang-Rila have lousy food even though you pay through your nose hole your eye hole your ear hole and any other hole you think of *shifty eyes (you think one not me) for the venue, you expect good food too right?!?! Ugh

Don't even start with The Mandarin Oriental.

So REMEMBER, hotel food at the Grand Dorsett Subang is pretty good :)

For three!
I was also honoured to be the entertainment for the night
*strip dance* hu hu hu hu

AHAHA, no.

I sang for them :)
Don't know how I sounded like, I just made sure I hit the high(er) notes!
I gulped down my glass of wine to warm my vocal chords calm my nerves before I went up and voila just belted it out (went off key to boot!), and got off the wobbly stage after I congratulated the VERY VERY happy couple.

Summore went for a wedding ceremony earlier that morning

A wedding ceremony is very adventurous.

Ok shaddap, issa picture-time! :D

Couple + Emcees :)

FOB and FOG having a post wedding chat
"I tell you ah, it is fated that our children be married.....bla bla bla"
Notice the arm extended? It was extended the WHOLE night hahaha!

After everybody left, the organisers had our turn to chill out in the lounge/holding room to revel in our long/hard day's work :)

Obviously, these boys were pissed out of their minds



Me? :)
and my boy?

We did well hehehe
Me more than my boy, OF COURSE




JoannaFT said...

i see ur back to the blogging circle ;) nice pics keshia, considering u were practically wedding coordinator! gosh woman, talk about multi-tasking.

did u get a dslr? 'cause those r nice quality pics :)

keShia* said...

nah didn't get an slr, i got a new camera tho! :) it's kinda kickass-- the lumix lx3

i didn't take the pics from the ceremony, mostly the after-dinner part :) poon took the ceremonial ones :)

Joanne, Zuo-en said...

i'm soo curious... what song did u sing??!! heheh... i heard it sounded beaaauutiful :) from my parents..

JoannaFT said...

the lumix is awesome! i had one for awhile till it broke :P it's the 2nd best thing to an slr, practically functions like one.

keShia* said...

jojo: i saaaaang uhh, "when i fall in love" by nat king cole and "we will dance" by steven curtis chapman :D

aww your parents are too sweet! :D
i can't wait till you get back! :D

joanna: but not all lumixes are the same, no? i dunno. haha they're cameras are pretty good. sad that it's kinda underrated :D nvm. price control better for me mwahhaa. hate sony -_-