Tuesday, December 08, 2009


From Thailand no less! :)
This is 2 months late.
We were in Bangkok from 8th-11th October :) Good stuffs!
Jo's last fun outing before she signed away her life to Singapore's health care system haha :)

Travel buddy <3


Super con job, you see! The picture so nice then when they serve you (although warm), look like yat pehk see -_- terrible. So misleading ok!

Travel buddy #2! <3
He's awesome cos he'll carry all your shopping hehehe

Big mall. Can't afford anything there.

Typical Bangkok city skyline. OMG it looks scorching, dunnit?
It is! It was crazy hot hot hot hot! Hotter than KL pls.
Sun stroke kinda hot? OMG.

Hate. Bangkok. Traffic!
Love the cab colours! :D

D's second girlfriend

D working his charm on a Thai cabby hehehe

Cabbies there don't speak much english. So they just mutter really basic words.
The whole time we were there, we interacted most with cabbies. I think my vocab SHRANK when I came back.

Things we say were so basic! Like:

"Go Siam Paragon??"
"Near Khao San Road, go?"
"No no, too much. Lower price. 80 baht."
"Meter? No? Ok nevermind, bye"
"Temple, far?"

"Me. Tarzan. You. Janeeeee" -_-

Rules of the cab:
No pets, no guns, no humping, no dogs, no alcohol and no durian!!

Take picture also give me this face :(

We spent most of our money on food in Bangkok. Cheap and awesome :)
Ok lah, not that cheap but definitely cheaper than in KL!
So we went to whack the Japanese/Korean food and milked it for what it's worth

Prawn tempura, part of D's tempura bento

See! Jo's super happy with the soft shell crab :D'
Really soft. Like.. skin. HAHA, poor crab had no defense system :(
OMG look at how chubby I was :O !!

Takoyaki tasted kinda funny :\
There was a little baby squid inside! Damn cute, we just omnomnom only.

Jojo kinda full after the meal. Look at our demolition :D

Jo and I had bibimbaps! It was the bestest bibimbap I've ever had *tears in my eyes*. I had beef, she had pork (or was it chicken? or mushroom?)! AIYA anything lah, it was awesome and it was sizzling slightly and it was yummy and it was filling. Not jelak for the first half of the stone pot, but the taste starts to overwhelm you eventually. As awesome as it is, the goodness of bibimbap will get to you. But we both gelojoh and ate ALL anyway hehehe :D

And as all good things go, they come to an end :(

I don't particularly like Suvharnabumi airport. Bittersweet memories :S

Actually we did heaps more, and more pictures are in D's second gf. The thing about having someone with a big camera on a trip with you is that you get lazy. His pictures are going to be so much better, and they're going to be of the same thing so really; why bother :\

Heheh, I'll steal some from him and show you ok! :D
More food porn on his camera, TRUST ME.

ps: I dont know why the picture quality is so crap :( Blogger auto resizes them for me and it's all kinda blurry and pixelated. Gah


Joanne, Zuo-en said...

haha.. thanks for uploading the pics even though some i disapprove of being uploaded. i've decided to forgive you :) see u in a few weeks!!

keShia* said...

hehe you look cute in ALL ok.
even if your eyes ARE closed hehehehe!!!


few weeks!!!! :D