Monday, December 14, 2009

See See Em.

I got a call from my mother with regards to another pharmaceutical company who might be hiring, or rather, IS interested in getting people like me (still gullible and naive and with some experience with the pharma line), to work for them.

The problem with working for such a huge company is that when you quit (yea ok even though this huge company gave me crap work), and move on to another company (for reference sake be known as SSM) in a similar line (like the pharmaceutical line), you tend to compare.

To be honest, SSM is in no way even close to being on par with the company I'm about to leave. Unless of course they are willing to pay me a generous mid ranged four figure salary, I don't think I would want to join :\

SSM has all the products you've probably heard of before. Stuff like chewable vitamin C candies, and paracetamol drugs etc. Others I've not heard of, and are probably not doctor's main choice.

What's ironic is that SSM has had more public marketing and advertising than the current company I'm working for but still products tak laris.

How can I go and sell something I don't believe in. Or rather, know that there's something else out there that's way better but sing a song that makes it sound like it's better.


More lies.
I don't want to tell lies or twist truths anymore.

Managers all say, "It's all about marketing your product". Pffbt. AKA, sugar-coating the truth- telling consumers what they would like to hear.

SSM or not, I really don't think I'm cut out for product sales. Ugh.

Plus, the job's regional. Which means I have to travel alot and meet other consumers from other states, oh golly.

We'll see.

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