Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I like having someone accompany me through text.

It's a weird non-commital, non-physical, yet intimate feeling.
Something I'm sure we all did when we were teenagers (yellow backlit phones like Nokia 3210 FTW!)
Texting conversations are awesome! Not the serious "this is my largest issue in my life" kinds tho!

I quite miss it :(

What to do? Boyfriend doesn't like to text wtf!
Who doesn't like to text??? Everybody loves texting! It's so cool B)


I remember flirting through text (LOOOONG time ago), and the feeling was exhilirating!
Because, not only are you putting yourself out there, but the wait for a reply was oddly exciting!

You know... after you hit the send button, and you get the notification when it's been delivered?
Then you just sit on your bed, LYING to yourself trying to read, or feel/act like you're doin smth totally important.. But in actual fact, at the corner of your eye, you are LOOKIN at the damn phone hoping, waiting, anticipating for it to buzz or light up or beep!

:D :D :D :D


Yea, it was probably more torturous than exciting, but to anticipate the same gestures from the other person must feel quite nice, no? :D

I remember once,

"Hey I saw *insert object here* and TOTALLY thought of you"
"Really? Hehe, so sweet :) What'd you do today?"
"Got this cool dress from my aunty. Very Marilyn Monroe"
"Will you wear it for me to see ;)"

HAHAHAHAH how silly!!!!
Well, at least I think that's what went down.

It was all cool. Flirting is way cool.
Flirt while you can! 
Because when you get a girl/boyfriend, these coy exchange of words aren't classified as flirting anymore! I wonder why, though?



JTChun said...

hmm. yeah text flirting is quite something to be gila gila abt. from my overseas perspective, spamming many ppl text emssages and getting only one text reply from one person is quite powerful. All of a sudden I feel special to that one person and not important to the rest. In anycase, high skool times were the best la.

keShia* said...

YA MAN. High school texting is like the peak.

Somehow, now everybody's just calling calling calling. Apparently, texting is a waste of time :(

Last time in UK my texts and calls to other same-network ppl were FREE!!!! so text like mad nia