Sunday, January 10, 2010


Oh ya,
Forgot to just set the record straight.

But as you would have probably guessed,
I turned down the job offer.

In hindsight, I don't even know why I was so worked up about it. I felt like the decision was so.. life-changing! Something like making a decision to get married or something. Pffbt-- When really it isn't. Eleh.

So ya, I'm not taking up the job. Have already called the fella up to tell him "kthxbai" hehe.

Anyway, the position was for a recruiter. The specific style of recruitment by this company is kinda stationary and wasn't what I saw myself doing in the near (or far) future. As far as I know, these sorts of jobs need plenty of discipline, determination and perseverance. None of which I have Something I don't think is worth developing in a dead-end job.

There were targets, there were high expectations, there was good money in the incentive, but more importantly, there was very little room for corporate climbing. The highest position I could EVER get to with the company is the position of my interviewer (whom I suppose would be my prospective boss). Oh, the boss guy. He seemed so... you know, like had something shoved up someplace? *whistle*

My logic is-- if you have to work hard for something, you might as well work hard for something that will give you a good pay off. Something rewarding and enriching.

Don't slave yourself to doing something that will only break you and eat you up!
Times have changed, people! It's not about just working hard anymore, it's about working smart and getting the BEST out of everything.

It's not ideal.
It is, in fact; necessary.

We Generation Ys need to show the older people how it's done!


Ps: got back my old job with my ex ex boss :) I can't say I'm unhappy :) Here's to a steady pay check everymonth! :D

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