Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Lion City

Singapore was somewhat an eye opener this trip round.
Before this, holidays/visits were made with my parents and hence we went to all the places I didn't wanna go, and have absolutely no recollection of (some places lah).

What more, my dad would drive, and so I had no idea how the MRT worked, or how to walk for here to there! But this fact isn't a compensation because even if I had a car, I still wouldn't know how to get around!


We went by bus, and the bus was awesomes!

Look at all that leg room! The seats were hugeeeeeee! :) With the extra ((vibrations)) thingamajig for your back. They claim it's for "massages" but really, they're just vibrations. Annoying vibrations. But for only RM60 all the way down to Singapore, and on these seats... quite dai loh!! I think the coach's name was 5 Star something. But the company's name is Gunung Raya :) Promo ends soon, I think?

We reached a hefty 6 hours later. It was already evening.
Had some dinner and met up with JoJo! :D


At TCC for some drinks and snacks :D
Don't go to the Raffles branch. The waiter there crazy one.

Retired early that night. 
Tired :(

Back at the HDB flats where we were staying :)
I don't know what HDB stands for (my wild guess is: High Density Buildings, but I'm not sure), but they're government owned and are relatively small compared to the general condos up here in KL. They fetch HEFTY prices for small spaces, but that's what you get when your little country is over populated! Like London :(

I'm really lazy to narrate, so I'm just going to dump all the pictures here ok? :D

The elderly chatting at at 10pm! Not sleepy meh?


Woke bright and early, went for breakfast and headed out at noon :)

Customary feet picture :)

Damn informative! It tells you where you are, so you don't have to wonder, and you can count the number of stations left to go to your destination! So efficient, why isn't Msia like this?! Tsk.

Doing his thang.

Met up with Jia Jian! :)
He has a few notty faces in photos! Come let me show you :)

Jia Jian wants to steal money!

Jia Jian wants to eat McDonalds no matter what! Hehehe
JoJo looks so funny here ahhaah her face is always classic :D

Compensation photo :)
See, so pretty :)

Spent the most part of day 2 just walking around, getting lost (literally omg so hot, so lost, so frustrating, so annoying!!). But at least we got to see more of Singapore :)

FINALLY we reached Clarke Quay :)

We sat by the "river" (I think it's not real- as in, man made?) and saw this contraption. 


Nobody wanted to go on it with me :(

Sun was setting :)

D's favourite ice cream! They literally potong (cut) it for you, put it in between to crispy wafers and then you hold it and just omnomnomnom!

Ladies ;)


My first attempt at the squiggly lights/line thing.

My awesome grilled lamb :)

Steak and kidney pie ;( yucks. 

Cherry blossoms :)
With fairy lights, no less!

Full moon :)

So you see it? :) The little little layangs (kites) that are lit up??
Damn pretty can!

Before you go any further, I just want to warn you that the following picture is a little bit 18SX hehe
I even made it all night vision so it's effects are enhanced as to portray the whole "skandal berkhalwat" feel
huhuhu :D


It's a belleh dancer!!
I think she's a man *-)
And woaaaah, can that person SHAKE. 

DAY THREE: Last day :(

My uncle brought us to this fancy revolving restaurant place somewhere near VivoCity to eat dimsum. It was pretty good, but I've had dimsum in more unassuming places at muuuuuuuuch lower prices that tasted better.

What to do? Singaporean food all a bit bland one :\
Anyhow, view was great, but I was busy eating so I didn't take many of the scenery OR the food.
I'm a piggy *snort


The sweetest granduncle in the world :)

D said, "I had no idea your uncle was such a nice guy"

These two girls (my cousins) are model Singaporeans. Mon-Fri they have school from 7am till 4pm, and on weekends they have extra tuition classes and piano/ballet/language classes. MAD. No life, can?? The best part is, they are the ones who initiate the extra curricular activities! Why?? Peer pressure. OMG. I'd die.

Their slave driver aka MOM heheheeh kidding.

Don't mess with her. High Flying Regional Director of sorts. Nobody can lie to her. 
She is the epitome of the ultimate fury a woman can have when scorned.

Abrupt end because after lunch we rushed to Bugis to force-shop, but it was just too little time :(
Went home after a couple of hours and it took us 6 hours to reach home :(

KL so dirty wan wtf -_-

No pictures of me cos I was gross and PMSy :(
D took one decent shot so here! :D 

And its only decent because half my face is covered hahahaha :)


Gawd, I better get back to work.

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