Friday, March 12, 2010

Exhausted... and then some.

I'm exhausted. My exhaustion is exhausted.
I've had rest last night, but it's NOT ENOUGH.

I wake up with thoughts of work and meetings on my mind
"What time's today's meeting? Where is that darn place again??"

I want a holiday. To get AWAAYYYY from it all.
No work-thoughts, no stressful calls from work, no emails flying all about!

Some play time, mmmmmm :)


Brain dead! I've no inspiration to write today. Or yesterday.

Well, I've been busy :\


Do you think ants have ears? I've always wondered if they could hear things. I know they have a keen sense of smell (because if there's just ONE drop of syrup somewhere in your kitchen faaaaaaaaar away from the nest, these ants will TAKE IT ALL AWAY!), but can they hear?

If they do, do they hear things like really loudly?
I mean, putting myself in their tiny little shoes (all 6 of them hehe), I'd think every single movement or sound will be like x100000000000000 the sounds we hear!

So like, imagine a HUGE giant (ala Jack and the Beanstalk) walking about your world, making sounds/grunts. Wouldn't it be SUPER LOUD? 

Hm. We'd go deaf, I think... So does this mean that ants DON'T have ears to hear?


On skin care regimes:

What is your skin care regimes? Do you have a set of products you continue using?
My skin is a little weird. It responds exceedingly well to new products! Super well!

My acne immediately clears up when I use a brand new acne treatment gel. So, logically; I should keep using it, right? Well, no. After about 6 months (or less), my skin stops responding to the product, and then it makes no difference whether or not I put it or not.

Until I find another product the sales woman offers me (I'm a sucker for marketing T_T), and then start using it--- to find that it works AMAZING!

... For the next 6 months -___-

I'm tired of always needing to find new products to attend to my problems!
My skin has never been perfect (and I don't expect it to be), but OMG FOR GOODNESS SAKE, when will I ever have good skin?!?!!!!

*bawls my eyes out*


I've been stressed lately :(
So today, I baked!
I made chocolate-whiskey meringues and normal plain (but pink!) vanilla ones
hee hee hee, these things make me so happy :D

I'm not made to be a skinny girl. I'm flabby, meaty and robust with a passion for sweets and baked pastries :D wuhuhu.

Die la, I'm going to die a fat woman, I just know it!
Now all I can hope for is for a husband who'll love a voluptuous woman :)

But see, voluptuous women should have good skin and a pretty face.
I, however; don't! FML.

I need to go get facials, sigh. I keep forgetting to make time for it!


Anyway, here's the recipe for amazing bite sized yummylicious meringues:

3 large egg whites,
1 cup icing sugar
1 tsp unsweetened cocoa
1 tsp vanilla ESSENCE (not flavour)
1 tsp of whiskey
2 drops of red (or any other colour you like) colouring

Whisk the egg whites on high speed until it doubles in volume.
Add in the icing sugar gradually (you may need to sift it in, if you find your sugar to be clumpy)
Keep whisking for 5-8 minutes until stiff shiny glossy peaks form.

Separate into 2 bowls

In Bowl A, add (or sift) in the cocoa. 
Your mixture will turn brown :)
Add in the whiskey bit by bit. Don't shock the whole mixture with so much liquid at one go.
If you find your mixture to be runny, gradually add in some more icing sugar (not too much!) and whisk well.

In Bowl B, add a few drops of red colouring.
Your mixture will turn pink! :) A delightful shade of pale pastel pink. Add more for a deeper shade.
Add in the vanilla gradually. It doesn't take much to perfume the mixture!
If you find your mixture to be runny, gradually add in some more icing sugar (again, not too much!) and whisk well.

Fill your piping bag (with desired nozzle) with your mixture.
Pipe it gently on to baking paper on a baking tray. Make small dollops (the size of Hershey's Kisses chocs)
Bake for 90 minutes @ 80 degrees Celcius (or 175 Farenheit).

Heheheh :)
I'll add picture after I take some of it.
Before it all gets gobbled up! :D :D


Ok, time to sleep :)



I have a dream said...

wow what a beautifil pic! a magical scene! ^^

Olive Tree Guitar Ensemble said...

Hi, it's a very great blog.
I could tell how much efforts you've taken on it.
Keep doing!

keShia* said...

Thank you! :) I do love my blog :D

aliina said...

im sorry, i honestly didint have the patience to read this hole post (or blog). but, in reference to that "do ants have ears" im pretty sure they have. but because of our noise, they've become deaf!


keShia* said...

Aliina: Haha, really? you think? :) It's possible.

aliina said...

No, not just possible. It's the truth!