Friday, March 26, 2010

Short Retreat

Short retreat up at the hills in Cameron Highlands.
It's weird how it's so backward and unprogressive up there-- but also, so relaxing.

The air was still fresh (I assumed it would't be anymore, due to over building),
mist mist mist everywhere!
No (or very little) exhaust pipes,
no foul-mouthed teenagers,
cool air, and home-made food.

Good :)

Only problem is, it was so damp. DAMP DAMP DAMP! 
The only other time I've been in a cold place was in England, and it was dry there! I grew to like cold dry air (it was cleaner, it carries less dust), and being up in Camerons and feeling cold felt kinda weird. Like I was swimming, but not. Ew. Hahaha :)

Anyway, nothing much to do in a secluded place like the hills, so it was just eat sleep, tv, internet, pictures, walks and relaxing!

Not many things to take pictures of, so mostly just flowers :)

I know the pictures are cut off at the side, but flower pictures are too good to resizeee! :(

Picture heavy.


Root vege

Adults hehehe

These flowers are the prettiest! What are they called??

I chased this bee all around the garden trying to take it's picture!

Our little bungalow :D

Biggest Hibiscus I've ever seen

Tea plantation

Tricky spelling flower
Bougainvillea (sp?)

After a ferocious rain

Bell flowers! These were HUGE

My first attempt at manual focus.
Can't go wrong-- even if I focused on another water droplet, it'd still look.. alright.
Needa practice more! :)

Another person's bungalow
See what I mean about backward? The bungalow is COLONIAL!

Manual focus on my favourite flower :D

And then, go home :(


shereen said...

its fuschia
flowers make me happy!

Snowbrush said...

You sure take great photos!

keShia* said...

Shereen: They're called fuschia?? really?? Thanks!!

Snowbrush: Thank you! :) My camera's auto scenery function's makes it REALLY easy :)