Saturday, April 17, 2010

3rd Puberty?

I may be well over my puberty years (read: 23), but my body is one slow bugger because it's still going through puberty!

I remember I had like a second puberty when I was 18. I lost all (or rather more) my baby fat, grew MORE boobs (this I don't mind), and the middle region of my body shrunk to form a waist! Amazing!

Now that I have the body type of a woman, my skin doesn't seem to be keeping up with the times.
I still get massive break outs and my oily skin has never been more active in producing oil!
Like my dad told me, "If the oil on your skin was sellable fuel for cars, WE'D BE RICH!"
Notice how he said "we" instead of "you'd be rich"?
That's right. I'll have SO much money that even my family will be rich. Yah, don't needa have a HNWI boyfriend anymore. Just sell the oil off my face -____-


Also let me elaborate and gross everybody out, KEKEKEKE
My pimples are not the tiny little dots of puss that emerge from only the epidermal layer of your derm in general. My pimples resemble freaking BOILS.

No, not the disgusting pulsating kinds that threated to pop and spew in your face (kakakaka)
But the deeeeeeeep, rumbling volcanic type that never really surface.
It doesn't even show signs of (how D puts it) "harvesting" (HAHAHA EW)!
It just rumbles and slowly (but surely!) grows.

OF COURSE, I medicate it with super strong pimple gel (which works uh-may-zing for the smaller, more normal zits), but even the super powered acne gel is no match for these face volcanoes!


Seriously, if I'm forced to grow up, wear a suit, work at a desk, get paid every month, pay off bills right after, get heat rashes from wearing tailored pants (fml)--



Wenzz said...

Haha you know what! Jason used to comment on my oily skin and say, "who says the world's oil reserves are drying up? It's all on your face!"


But I completely sympathise.

Ed said...

they should have some other type of cream too? don't they?

Laury Ann said...

You can have breakouts through adulthood...surprisingly, it OFTEN has to do with diet..and mostly hormones! Sometimes dairy milk can promote acne, not enough water. Sorry you're going through this, I KNOW how annoying it is! Have you tried getting glycolic peels or anything like that, too? I actually just posted on something related to acne and milk (sugar too is a big culprit!)

keShia* said...

wenni: HAHAHA wah damn bad wei. smack him nicely!!

ed: YEA, they might, i'd have to check up on that :) but my break outs are periodic. they come and go. other times my skin is smooth!

lauryann: i don't think i'd consider peeling cos it's actually really bad for your derms! it is invasive and traumatic for your skin and it will only make your skin much more resistant to other treatments in the long run. but i do agree on the food intake. i really need to watch my sugars and oils! it's the reason why i'm breaking out and putting on weight! :) hee thank you for your advice! i'll definitely take these into account!