Tuesday, April 06, 2010


To find out that the people you don't like are also similarly not liked by others is comforting.
The fact that they find the very same character flaws (or whatever peeves it is that you are annoyed at) they dislike are the same as yours makes it seem almost okay.

No, it makes you sane.
Well it makes me feel sane.

At least I know that I'm not the only crazy lady who hates her for her hypocrisy... Or I'm not the only insecure girl who feels her boobs are a little too big and placed too low for it to be considered sexy.

Oh I don't know. Anything, any flaw-- any annoying little peeve there is about this person.
Just as long as one other person shares the same sentiment, it's perfectly fine.

Hahaha, but is it?


Laurinda said...

I so agree! It helps you feel just a little bit better about being so nit-picky!!

keShia* said...

we are soooo in denial ;)