Sunday, April 25, 2010

To Be Happy

I read recently that it is a waste of your life to wait to be happy.

At first, it didn't really strike me as being all that logical. Why would anyone wait to be happy? Aren't you happy NOW? Or just not happy at all?

But I suppose it's true.
It is somewhat possible to wait for happiness.

I've been doing that almost my whole life (sad to say!)
When I was in primary school, I figured that I'd be happy once UPSR is over. When that was over, I figured I'd be much happier in secondary school where I could then finally meet people who were older and more... matured.

Then I took my PMR and thought I could be even more happier once I'm a senior in school. I'd have the time of my life! I could be in any educational stream I want.

Then I thought "I'll be really happy in college! Freedom!"
Then I thought "I could be happier with a boyfriend"
Then I thought "I could be happier if I got to study overseas"
Then I thought "I could be happier if I could get a job in London"

and it goes on and on.
I'm never satisfied!

Admittedly, sometimes I catch myself holding myself back thinking "I'll be happier when I get out of the country to start a new life".

Now I know that it's not about being happy later. Later will (or might) come, but right now is also just now's later. So I should choose to be happy.


It will be difficult. I'm all about pessimism and idealism, but I promise to try!


Jamie said...

happy post. *i like* =)

Haley Sue said...

great perspective. i'll choose to be happy too. thanks for sharing :)

keShia* said...

Jamie: hehe thank u! :)

Haley: good luck! :)