Tuesday, May 11, 2010


As I browse through the written lives of others, I am always first struck with awe. Sometimes jealousy. Yes, I admit, I'm an avid complainer (ask D, he knows it best)... and I'm always comparing my life to that of others'. I know it is ungrateful of me to do so, but spare me, and hear me out first.

I am almost always struck first by how lucky this other person is. I compare our appearances (as in looks-- for girls), I compare our financial privileges, I compare our lifestyles, and then I compare our outlook on life.

If she's prettier than me, I'll moan and groan about how unblessed I am to have inherited my mother's tiny eyes, father's big nose, fat-genes from my father's end, and boobless-heritage from my mother's side. If she's richer than me I'll whinge about how lucky she is to be able to afford such amazing luxuries while I toil and struggle to save a meager amount of money every month-- feel spiteful about how she has no need to pay for anything because she's so pretty and sexy. If she's living the dream I have then I'll get a little bit bitter about how long it's taking me to realise my dream while she's just effortlessly living it.

Then there's the outlook on life. Sometimes it's better, sometimes it's not.

But at the end of the day, for those who's lives seem better than mine, I'm glad to say (and/or conclude) that really, my life is more blessed. Yes, she parties more, looks wayyyyy better, has more money etc etc, but my bliss is mine, and incomparable to anyone else's. I may not have as much cash to splash on exotic french brands, nor will I have the body to wear sexy italian designs, but I am truly loved and have no need to hide my pain from the ones I love.

Not that she (or whoever it is I'm reading) doesn't have a life worth living, I'm just saying that I think my life is worth my living. Because God has blessed me exceedingly. It's only up to me to open my eyes to see it.

Personally, I feel it's okay to be envious. But more importantly, it's vital to take a step back and realise that your life is good as well. GOOD-- in all it's truest forms.


Haiyoh, I'm turning into an emotional mush.
I need a drink



Hijacker said...


The way you choose to see the world is the world you live in.

keShia* said...

ABSOLUTELY correct :)

aimay C. T said...

No need to compare, everyone has their secrets and down falls ;)

besides, you look fine sweetie s2.

keShia* said...

Thanks babe :)