Thursday, May 06, 2010


You know, I've never realised just how narrow my scope of interests are. Exploring deeper into the depths and nooks of the internet, I have come to find out of communities who are absolutely devoted to certain fields of interests!

For examples, did you know that there are groups (or rather communities) of writers of the internet (read: bloggers) who are absolutely dedicated to the subject of weddings? No, I'm serious! These people are like professionals in their field, except they don't set up shop or anything. They do run a business, selling their professionalism and their talents, as well as giving out free advice for brides-to-be, offering a plethora of designs ranging from that to cater for invitations, centre-pieces, dresses (duh), veils, shoes, rings, flowers, cakes, venues, bands, themes, colour schemes, photographers, and even food! *phew!

Not only weddings, mind you. There are also a group of people who are dedicated to pornographic art. Yes, you read right! Pornographic art. On the surface, you will feel that they have trivialised the sacred act of sex (well, sacred to me anyway), but really they manage to capture the "love" part of the love making! We're all more familiar with hardcore porno (evillllll..!) and the weird BDSMs and uhm, fetishes (ugh I'm quite uncomfortable typing this all out). But this community of bloggers are devoted to posting "pretty" (yes, pretty) pictures of couples in intimacy. Note, I used the word intimacy and not sex. So not all topics or pictures are of phallic and disturbing images... mostly intimacy and passion. Not something I'd recommend for your viewing pleasure, lest you get addicted or smth, I dunno (I don't judge heh), but it DOES still kinda trivialise sex. Hm. Interesting. Dodgy, but interesting.

Adding to that, there are the loyal fans of games. Those who participate in forums and discussions as well as LAN and P2P thingamajigs. I don't know. And I am not well versed with the types of games that gamers play. All I know is, that there is a group (almost a cult, I might add) that devote their lives to make such games and ideas into religions! Did you know that there is such a thing called the "Jedi-ism" ?? Holy crap! I had no idea! These people really prefer to live in a galaxy far far away, and not on this place called earth. Hmmm. That and also comic-con. Which I find totally weird. But I think they will equate that to our "costume balls" or "themed parties". Okay fair enough, I guess.

Oh please, don't forget those who review food. Now, this I was aware of for a long time now. It's also been helpful in times of "I don't know what to eat, where should we go??" moments. It is amazing how adventurous some people are. Their willingness and drive to travel all the way to the weirdest corners of the city to find the best bites and nibbles. I am one of those, but I think I lack the discipline to take photos of what I salivate over and then proceed to write about it in great detail. I usually just scoff them down my throat and hastily tell people it was awesome, subsequently never telling people where the treasure really is, so that only *I* may frequent it heeheeheehee (this is to prevent the lowering of food quality, people!)

On to less popular/main stream things, there are also sex writers. No I'm serious, these people just sit around all day writing erotica from real life! Or at least they say it's real life. I remember once there was a big hoo-ha about a sex writer online hosted by blogger, who basically faked all "her" stories to all her fans. YES, fans! There were amazing amounts of readers flooding into her blog to read of her excavations and adventures in the land of the porn industry. I suppose everyone was really trying to find the human soul in that industry. Because this persona was really such a sweetie (I've read it before once or twice. She was sweet). That industry's filthy and fake. FILTHY being the key word. Bleah.
This "woman" was apparently just a man in his 40s (I imagine a fat, greasy, balding man eurrrgh) and he committed suicide or something? But not before shattering the hearts of "her" readers by telling them all that the stories were all fictional. Oh well.

No, scholar writers don't count because they're not interesting. Not to me. Or to any other layman, ehek.

Okay, too many words you're bored now, I know.


HappyE for the past 2 days

  • Dinner with D :) 
  • Wearin the dress I like :)
  • Him pampering me in so many ways after dinner as well :)
  • Visiting my grandfolks yesterday to prepare them for the Australian winter. I love them.
  • Cuddles after that <3
Today's HappyE?
  • Stumbling upon amazing websites with amazing pictures! Uh-may-zeeng.
  • Dinner with my Mel tonight! :D


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