Wednesday, June 30, 2010


The house has been hosting like, a hill of ants or whatever, under the kitchen sink!

It's been driving me absolutely bonkers because these little buggers aren't like harmful or anything. They don't bite, they ain't nasty, they ain't RED (holy cow I hate the red ones). They're just plain black non-biting ants that like to take food/sugar back home! Not to mention these ants' exoskeletons are somewhat harder (or "crunchier" than that of the normal black ant hmm)

Still-- they are annoying, small, and pesky. And in large quantities, they freak the shit out of me. I've got an irrational fear of these ants crawling into any orifice on my body. It's dis-freakin-gusting. Imagine it going in through your EYES. Or NOSE! Shit, worse, your EARS!!!!!!! Let's not even talk about it getting into your pants.

Because we all know what ants in your pants means >:D
(It means you're horny, right?)

I was getting some iced water (it's a bloody hot day sigh) from the kitchen tonight and noticed just a few black ants minding their own business... until giant me came along and wrecked their night-plans by grabbing the cup from their sky.

Then as I reached for the ice from the freezer and started scooping it out in groups of three (my spoon can only hold 3 cubes of ice at one time :( haha), the nice crushing sounds ice makes when it all bumps into one another is all good for us especially on a hot hot day, but imagine them ants!

I know I've written a little about weather ants are deaf or not, but in this instance, I'm pretending they're NOT deaf. (I don't know why I'm obsessed on whether they're deaf or not!!)

The sounds of crushing ice on metal spoons must be REALLY REALLY bad!
Imagine if we heard (in volume x10) all the ice caps in the north and/or south pole melting!
We would go deaf!

Also, I think ants are NOT deaf. (Obsession, sorry)
Cos they ran away even faster and further once they heard the ice!
Mmmm... But it could be like sonar waves.

Oh coooooool. Ants have sonar vision/hearing.
Eh, wait.
Is sonar a type of vision or a type of hearing??

Hehehe, trivial matters amuse me.
Also, whipped husbands amuse me.
It's like they're saying "Oh FML" hahahaha.
See, this is what they get for putting a ring on what they like, hah!

Speaking of putting a ring on it.
For the record. I really like that song. The dancing is so awkward and sexy at the same time it's almost like "freaky sex". Not that I'd know what freaky sex is, but I've heard the phrase enough and I suppose (as in, I'm not entirely sure..) freaky sex would be perfectly illustrated (PG-versioned-ly) by Beyonce's "Single Ladies" dance routine.


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