Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Lychee Martini

The day was long and arduous. I got up earlier to sort out my emails and reservations. Everything wasn't exactly coming into place in the time it's supposed to, but it wasn't like it wasn't getting there-- because it was. Just, really slowly.

I woke up today feeling much better than yesterday. A love text message from Melissa asking me out to lunch. How can I say no to lunch with mt best friend! *sayangs hehehe* I was rushing through work all the way till almost noon before I scooted out of the house to get to the restaurant. I purposely picked the place from where I'm catering from, hoping for maybe a free lunch. Nothing comes for free, so I was willing to bat lashes and show a little *ahem. But all we got was a discount, and that was good enough I guess :) Food was good-- reminded me of England cos all hot food becomes cold in matter of minutes. I have forgotten how quickly food heat evaporates when the weather is all cold and stuff. So my Pahd Thai was cold in 15 minutes and the food just got harder to swallow after that.

Settling down after the meeting with the caterers, Melissa and I journeyed to the OTHER wing of the mall. I swear, the place is probably 3 kilometres wide! So it was good exercise, I suppose. Especially since I was wearing heels. Clackering all the way through the mall and all.

We got into the stationery store. 
AAAAAH, that smell. Smell of plastic and paper. 

Bought a crapload of office supplies, and Mel was kind enough to give me a hand with the lugging. I've never bought so much stationery in my life! There were about almost 20 items in total and the bill came up to almost RM200! Uhm, but if you ask me, it's money well spent because all the stuff are pretty much investments.

Files will, and can be, put to use for the next 14 years! 
I have a clear holder that my dad uses right now that I've labelled since 1996! :)
Pens were cheap, and so were folders. White boards are love! They are so useful. It's magnetic too!

Fast forwarding, I rushed back to the office to do some last minute amendments to the final client presentation. It's so last minute I'm almost mad at the whole situation. I got there at 4pm, as per agreed. But I was stuck outside the office because nobody walked by the entrance to let me in! 

Darn the security systems of today-- needing a beep and a password. Tsk.

Waited and loitered for close to an hour before the real work began. After which I found out that I was to be presenting to one of Malaysia's largest and/or most popular banks. I was, at first, almost mortified, but when they all finally arrived (AN HOUR LATER FML), I was pretty much convinced that these people are not meant to be intimidated by. They are rough, callous, and unprofessional. I don't even know why I was even nervous in the first place.

As usual, meetings like those don't last too long, but start too late. So I was pretty much caught in the rush hour jam on the way home. Took me about 50 minutes to reach home on an otherwise 15 minute route. Damn road planning. Super fail. 

How can 6 lanes conjoined into 2 expect smooth flowing traffic?

Upon reaching home, I was glad not to be bombarded by chores. I wolfed down my dinner in a total of 10 minutes (record speed, ok!), and settled down in front of the tv to unwind. My mind was racing. My boss even called me mid-dinner and that stressed me out even more.

Oh, but saving grace-- The saving grace that is the email that Shane wrote to me. See, he hardly writes emails. What more in the midst of exams right now. It was sweet and it totally made my day better. Knowing that I'm not useless, and that I am, in a nutshell; cherished.

At 8.30pm I scooped myself a supposedly cup of bliss. My Ben and my Jerry. Sigh, truly a beautiful let down, but it's the closest thing to bliss I can find on a weeknight anyway.

Plans with a friend were abandoned, and so was D's. So he decided to scoot on over to my place as I was finishing up my work hectically before headed out for a good cocktail.

Alas, the cocktail was weak, and so was the company tonight. I guess it's just one of those days. I'm tired, he's tired, and we're both just not... quite there-- clicking like we're supposed to.

I didn't mind too much though. And that's the thing-- because on any normal occasion, I would have kicked up a scene/made a fuss if D wasn't paying enough attention in the conversation/date/me, but tonight was just... fine. I was.. stoic. Hmm. Nevertheless, being the sweetheart he is, he apologised for being inattentive tonight and so all's well. I chose not to give him a hard time ;) If I did though, I wonder what fuss I could have stormed up! Sokay, he has tmrw to make up for it :) Tmrw's the real date night anyhow <3

4 goodnight kisses and it was time to shower and get back to work. 11 emails flew over the cyberspace and as my hair dries out, I sit and type this long-ass essay for goodness-knows-who to read. I find a calm in writing, but halfway through this story, I was attacked with a churning tummy, and off to the loo I went. 

So I end tonight with a flurry of up, down, left and right punches. And a bad case of the diarrhea :(

Just so the title makes sense :)