Monday, June 07, 2010


Yeah, just a small-ish update to make up for unnecessary rants posted in the past week :)

Been busy the past week (and will be in the coming week, so look forward to more stress/hungry posts), and have been faithfully going to the make-shift office almost everyday to complete work! :)

I feel somewhat accomplished.

But there's more to be done.
I'm a nervous wreck because it seems like my boss has been actively giving me MORE work to handle! I'm not complaining, but I am feeling a little bit overwhelmed. It's not a big event to take on by myself, it's just that I'm terrified of missing out some crucial detail and have the whole event flop! My boss's name is on the line and that's what scares me. She's got a good reputation goin on, and I don't want to be the one that busts it up :O


I've been pretty contented with life lately :) It's a good feeling. I haven't felt this way before. It also helps to know that contentment is a choice. To let certain things slide, not letting it control you or run your moments of ugliness.

I like this whole new outlook, I'll be honest. It's not very me, and sometimes I'm uncomfortable with it... but I know it's okay. Cos it's not like I'm making huge ass decisions based on touchy feely emotions. And no matter what, my skepticism will always be the heavier side of my brain so I'm not too worried. D calls me the bubble popper, but SKEPTICISM AND REALISM IS TOTALLY NECESSARY OK!

We are each other's ying and yang <3


I'm itching for a holiday. Like.. really, just chill out and tan. I foresee needing one at the end of July and so I'm adamant on booking a flight to somewhere nearby just the enjoy alcohol and sun :D

Maybe even buy a nice straw hat for effect  :)


Have an amazing week, guys! <3

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