Wednesday, July 21, 2010


I'm still on my never ending battle agaisnt weight gain (RAWR I am not winning, but thankfully I'm not losing either).. and now I bertekad, that after my ankle is fully healed, I solemnly swear that I will be more active and lead a healthier lifestyle.

It's difficult (and expensive) to eat healthy food here all the time, but I guess rationing and SELF CONTROL will have to be key to get around here in KL.

Today is the first step of Project HiaotEE. It's my hiao way of saying project healthy (nyeh). I seem to have many projects going on, but rest assured! They are under surveillance, and I will be providing you status updates soon enough!

Oh ya, talking about first steps, right?

I bought my first pair of FITFLOPS *click!! today :D
I first heard of this brand about a year ago on E! and since then, I always had that product linger around the back of my mind! Whats so awesome about it is that you can run in these sandals without having to worry about posture/ support because it offers BOTH. Alas, like most wonderful things on TV, it usually never hits the shores of Malaysia :(

Not till late last year!

And so many more!
They have the tough cargo kinds, the strappy sporty kinds, the suede kinds, and as shown on top the shiny and bling kinds :D


His reaction when I showed it all to him?
He said "YUCK!"

Then I was turned off too, and didn't feel like risking wearing something "yuck" all the time :( But the shoes remained there and I pass it every other time I'm @ Isetan... so I never forgot them hehe.

A week ago, I was reading some bimbo website and this bimbo was ACTUALLY reviewing the shoes! I thought, "Okay, lets see what a local has to say about this product". Bimbo selalu bimbo, she just raved and raved about how it can also make your bum slimmer. Sigh. Money is wasted on the stupid.

Anyway, the super + + point about these slippers is that it relieves lower back pain and leg pain. I have a messed up back and will probably have this issue till the day I die, so paying good money for the shoes seemed to be a necessity. It's soft, supportive yet firm and really wraps around the whole of your feet, making you feel absolutely secure! And yes. Can run!!

I bought the blingy black sequined one :)


I'll let you know how the product is working on me heh. Hopefully the bimbo is right... hopefully my bum can look slimmer too. It would be a good side effect, mwahaha.

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