Wednesday, July 07, 2010


In my pajamas gettin ready to turn in.
I like being all "down and out".

Oh, yea, I didn't tell ya'll... I fell down a small flight of stairs yesterday and totally busted my ankle!
The initial feeling when I first realised I was falling, was kinda like slow motion. Then I heard a *snap*! And everything went by in a flash! Then as the pain set in, I realised that it was just too much to take and the pain was so... foreign. I've never twisted my ankle before, so it definitely was an... unique experience.

It was SO swollen yesterday, I couldn't really walk. I limped around all day heh. My foot was bandaged in Chinese herbs that smelled YUCKS.

After the recommended minimal 4 hours of leaving it there I took it off.
UGH THE SMELL-- it was like something died there.

Yeah so it really looked like there was a tennis ball stuck inside there!
However, today I'm doing much better, and am certain that there's no bone fracturing because I find that I can walk relatively fine when the swollen part there's a little bit warmed up. Plus! It's turning greenish, so I know I'm healing :)

I still can't put my whole weight on my right foot entirely... but I'm getting there. It's only been a day so I'm making very speedy recovery, thanks to the prayers and love from those around :)

My brother's been a total accommodating person (which is actually pretty rare) this whole day. He drove me everywhere to run my work errands (HUGE event this weekend), and even offered his arm to be my "crutch" yesterday! OH! and even offered to pay for lunch!


I also got some sayanging from D cos he drove over to call me clumsy wtf. And watched some replays of the WC highlights. It was upsetting to say goodnight and see the elevator doors close on him. Sigh. :(

But anyhow! I'm making good time in recovery and hopefully by tmrw I'd be able to drive and work! :)

I'm glad it happened. I've had some time to appreciate my feet. 
Do you know how hard it is to climb steps without your ankles?!
Thankfully I live in a condo now and there's only a single floor to everything. Hehehe

Alright. Time for more medication.


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joven said...

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