Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Unity? Where?

They all keep harping on the 1 Malaysia thing. It's been going on for the past... year or so? However much "effort" these people put into marketing their ad campaigns and slogans, if this whole idea of unity isn't lived out-- I don't see how it will work.

We are both fortunate and cursed to be living in a multiracial country. In a country where it is truly and really the melting pot of all races and paces. We may not be metropolitan (or that civilised for the matter), but we have dealt with differences in colour, culture and cultivation since day 1. We not only have to deal with different skin tones, or how different we are in terms of looks, shape and size-- we also have to deal with the fact that there is little in common in terms of religious beliefs. Also,difference in food intake and cultural rituals. There is so much to be sensitive about, and yet we've been able to live it out relatively calmly in the past 50 years. As in, we get on with life. We manage.

But how can we instill unity, though; if we do not live it? How can you make every living group in Malaysia feel at home if we are not treated equally? It is much easier to say "work harder, fellow" when you are rich and feasting; without struggles or affliction. How can you stand there-- up there-- and say you want unity for all of us if you are the very one not willing to break down the walls that separate us. Hypocrisy.


Alas, I extract this sentence from a pot-head movie.
"You don't have to believe in your government. You just have to believe in your country"

Yes there are awesome people in the country. 
Yes there is kindness shown between races.
Yes there is tolerance between the different cultures.
Yes there is understanding between beliefs.

Maybe the concept of 1 Malaysia will only stay in their ad campaigns and slogans.
Maybe not.

But for now-- the only unity I see is in this picture.
It is cute.
And about as far as unity can go-- only in a picture.

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