Thursday, August 26, 2010


These are my best friends, they are :)

They never judge-- ever ready to be on my side (even without hearing the scandalous stories first! and even if it's my own fault), and always willing to try new things. And also very pretty/attractive/sexy.

Thanks for putting up with my incessant talking/whining/bitching/complaining and my lousy attitude. You girls have brightened up my life! :)

Food escapades have been super fun with these people, and maybe it's time to take the next step: travelling OUT STATION to find food! Mwahahah <3



Mel O said...

Awwwwwwww thanks babe! Both of you are my best friends too :)

I like your idea of traveling outstation! Let's do it! Hehehe. I miss you so much :(

mingzi said...

(Mel, why you curi my reaction, i wana "awwww" also! I dun care!) know we lap you berry berry much one right?

I say we can go to either Melaka or Penang first since it's your and Mel's kampung!