Saturday, September 18, 2010

Comin to you LIVE

From JB central.

The Mom & Kids expo's really bald in terms of booths and visitors. Which is pretty surprising seeing it's a weekend and all :/ maybe JB's just not procreating enough, hmmm. Does this mean that Johorians aren't humping enough? Hahaha, or that they are waaaaayy safer when engaging in perhubungan kelamin ahahaha

Saw Amber Chia today too. She's a pretty girl, just don't know why she's gotta pile on SO much makeup -_- oh, and contrary to pictures, she's not that tall! I was under the impression she was 6' over! Cheh-- pictures really lie.

Waiting on her to visit our booth now, after her extremely slow lunch @ another herbal shop booth nearby..

Okla aku bosan dah. Bai!

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