Wednesday, September 08, 2010


Look, I've never really understood the dependency of caffein.
I'm allergic, as you know.. but I sympathise with anyone who have mild-intense addictions for the java.

D is a huge fan of coffee- like many others, he drinks it to stay awake, for fun, as breakfast, as tea, for dinner, after dinner, as meal replacements, and well, basically any time of the day.

I'm totally aware of the effects of caffein. The buzz, the spike of energy, the wake up call for anyone who's ever studied with coffee. But ergh, I cannot for the life of me imagine why anyone would then order decaffeinated coffee!

I'm assuming that if one orders DeCaf, it would mean that they're either
a) Weaning off their dependency on coffee
b) They like the taste.

Congratulations if you're weaning off your addiction to caffein! Addiction/dependency on anything's no good, and nobody should never let any form of substance (including munnies) run their life! Total lack of control is scary but to have fate be put into the metaphorical hands of a lifeless substance is terrifying. Also makes you look weak, but okay whatever.

But the latter option?

Coffee is, I admit; fragrant. What with it being roasted, and the green bean be caramelised to form the familiar  scent we know as "OMG Starbucks".

But the taste? Isn't coffee (without the gay caramel/hazelnut/mocha/ hoity toity, lardee dardee vanilla flavouring bleahs) really bitter?

To illustrate my point-- I rarely (as in never in my life!) see anybody ordering a DeCaf espresso. Simply because it's ridiculous! So why is it that it's totally ok to order an Long Black DeCaf? It seems just as silly to me! That's like (in local terms) ordering "Abang, teh o ais limau panas"

The rightful reaction to that statement, as it should be the same for DeCaf coffee should be exactly this.


Because really, how can you ask a flower not to be a flower?
Or tell a baby not to be cute?
Or have the water not to be wet?
Or ask the moon to shine brighter than the sun?
Or even maybe tell waves not to hug the shore?
Or ask the sun not to shine in noontime?
Or bees to stop pollenating?

We are who we are.
SO DON'T DRINK DECAF LAH, that's my point. 

It's mutation, yuck.

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