Monday, September 06, 2010

Panties ;P

Ernie's my 2nd favourite Sesame St character.
Who wouldn't want Ernie to be on your ass??

By the way, I am now convinced that Ernie and Bert were homosexuals. 
They lived together, slept with each other, TAKE BATHS together and even dance and sing in the room together! In muppet world, it may be accepted as.. cute, and.. gay-- as in, happy gay. But when you think about 2 men who eat, sleep, shower, sing and dance with each other.. they're just, well... Gay.

Also note, that they are always pantsless huhuhuhu


1 comment:

priscilla said...

gay or not they were so awesome at sesame street live!!

long live the orange and yellow pantless bffs :)