Friday, November 05, 2010

Wobbly Baby

Meet my one month old cousin Kay Lynn :)
She's adorable, looks like her father and is a BIG SCREAMER.
She's also very wobbly and soft. Like baby back ribs ahhahahaha.
But she's not edible. Though I strongly believe her cheeks may be.

No. Don't eat baby. Baby is cute.

 She has a big bundle of hair

 Hooked to her momma's milk like it's crack-- BABY CRACK hehe

Seems to love staring into cameras

Has freakishly long toes for her age (they're usually like little balls hm)

 Always curious albeit only has visual abilities of up to 7 inches 

Does not really like other people's voices.

Here she is with her beautiful mommy <3

May she not grow up posing the "lick vagina" sign EVER amen.

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